Whether you prefer “titles”, “roles”, or “hats people wear”, these are the jobs that accomplish section business – all of which are part-time and unpaid. Elected positions must be voted in while appointed positions are assigned by the chair. In many cases the same individual has held a position for a long period of time and would happily “pass the torch”, so if you’re interested contact the section chair.  Online training and/or mentoring is available.

All IEEE members are expected to support the organization’s mission, behave according to the Code of Conduct and IEEE Code of Ethics, and to invite others who will do the same to join.  To see the additional responsibilities expected of section positions follow the links below.

Section ChairElectedKiki IkossiDecember 31, 2017
Section Vice-ChairElectedChandra CurtisDecember 31, 2017
Section TreasurerElectedBarry DouglassDecember 31, 2017
Section SecretaryElectedMike OlexDecember 31, 2017
DirectorElectedJoel GoodmanDecember 31, 2017
DirectorElectedVincente GalindoDecember 31, 2017
DirectorElectedSandra HylandDecember 31, 2017
DirectorElectedEmily SopenskyDecember 31, 2017
DirectorElectedSeddik BenhamidaDecember 31, 2018
DirectorElectedBill ScheibleDecember 31, 2018
DirectorElectedManori NadesalingamDecember 31, 2018
DirectorElectedKafi HassanDecember 31, 2018
Awards and Recognition Committee ChairAppointedMarc ApterDecember 31, 2017
Family LiaisonAppointedElizabeth GibbonDecember 31, 2017
Banquet Committee ChairAppointedJim MageeMay 30, 2017
Conference ChairAppointedSee Specific Conference
Election Committee ChairAppointedDan Cross-ColeDecember 31, 2016
Member Development Committee ChairAppointedRhonda FarrellDecember 31, 2017
Professional Activities ChairAppointedHarry SaubermanDecember 31, 2017
Communications ChairAppointedShahnaz KamberiDecember 31, 2017
Picnic Committee ChairAppointedJerry GibbonDecember 31, 2016
Pre-University Education Activities ChairAppointedMartin SchulmanDecember 31, 2017
Chapter ChairElectedSee Specific Chapter
Chapter Vice-ChairElectedSee Specific Chapter
Chapter TreasurerElectedSee Specific Chapter
Chapter SecretaryElectedSee Specific Chapter