IEEE NSW Section’s Committee Members (2018)


Section Section Chair Sasha Nikolic
Section Vice Chair Georgios Konstantinou
Section Past Chair Karu Esselle
Section Treasurer Raymond A Brown
Section Assistant Treasurer Bill Sloman
Section Secretary John Aitken
Section Assistant Secretary Sherry Moghadassi
Section Nominations Greg Andrews
Section eNotice Coordinator Sanjib Choudhury
Section Government Liaison & Industry Relations Luis Catarino
Section Webmaster Syed Abbas
Section Professional Activities Colin Elston
Section Young Professional Chair Syed Muzahir Abbas
Section Student Activities Ali Hellany


Student Representative

Student Mentor Chair

Saad Hasan

Trevor Kleinert

Section Educational Activities & TISP Graeme B Gwilliam
Section Membership Development Bruce Poon
Section WIE Chair Hai Yan (Helen) Lu
Section Awards and Recognition Committee Chair Antony Zaglas
Section Conference Coordinator David Tien
Section Historian Ramutis Zakarevicius
Section Distribution Lists Dushamantha Thalakotuna
Section Social Implications of Tech NSW Lyria Bennett Moses
AP/MTT Joint Chapter Chair Raheel Hashmi
AP/MTT Joint Chapter Vice Chair Syed Muzahir Abbas
AP/MTT Joint Chapter Past Chair Karu Esselle
AP/MTT Joint Chapter Secretary Karu Esselle
AP/MTT Joint Chapter Treasurer Yang Yang
Computer Chair Ian Boyd
Computer Vice Chair David Tien
Computer Secretary/Treasurer Bruce Poon
Joint Comms Chair Stephen Joyce
Joint Comms Vice Chair Lionel Ascone
Joint Comms Past Chair Ollencio D’Souza
Joint Comms Secretary/Treasurer Sherry Moghadassi
Dielec Chair Trevor Blackburn
Dielec Vice Chair Bao Toan Phung
Dielec Secretary/Treasurer Ray Brown
Education Chair Sudipta Chakraborty
Education Vice Chair Jun shen
Education Past Chair Sasha Nikolic
Education Secretary/Treasurer Mst Nishat Yasmin Koli
Education Sessional Teaching Yasmeen Panhwar
Education WiEE Cgair Meriam G. Bautista
Med&Bio Chair Stefan Mozar
Med&Bio Past Chair Jeff Armistead
Joint Photo Chair Saul Carrol
Joint Photo Vice Chair Ediz Cetin
Joint Photo Past Chair Ediz Cetin
Joint Photo Secretary/Treasurer Joe Mok
Joint Power Elec Chair Graham Town
Joint Power Elec Vice Chair Jahangir Hossain
Joint Power Elec Past Chair Jian (Joe) Zhu
Joint Power Elec Secretary/Treasurer Dylan Lu
Joint Power Chair Georgios Konstantinou
Joint Power Vice Chair Harith R. Wickramasinghe
Joint Power Past Chair Ray Brown
Joint Power Secretary/Treasurer Pouya Jamborsalamati
Joint Power Committee Member Ha Pham
Joint Power Committee Member Saad Hasan
Joint Power Committee Member Pouya Jamborsalamati
Joint Geo Chair Zhi Huang
Joint Geo Co-Chair Simitkumar Raval
Joint Geo Past Chair Fuqin Li
Systems Chair Longbing Cao
Systems Vice Chair Dacheng Tao
Systems Secretary Xinhua Zhu
Systems Treasurer Quang Vin
Vehicular Chair Abbas Jamalipour
Vehicular Vice Chair Wei Ni
Vehicular Secretary Ying He
Vehicular Treasurer Rajan Shankaran
EMC Chair John Aitken
EMC Vice Chair Erik Lensson
EMC Secretary/Treasurer Ray Brown
Instruments Chair Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Instruments Vice Chair Ediz Cetin
Instruments Secretary/Treasurer Mohsen Asadnia
Compu Intell Chair jie lu
Compu Intell Co-Vice Chair Chin-Teng Lin
Compu Intell Co-Vice Chair Adel Ali Al-Jumaily
Compu Intell Secretary/Treasurer Haiyan (Helen) Lu
Student Branch UOW Chair Alanna Vial
Student Branch MQU Chair Pouya Jamborsalamati
Student Branch UTS Chair Noman Haider
Student Branch UNSW Chair Jennifer Feng



IEEE NSW Section’s Committee Members (2017)

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Prof. Karu Esselle Section Chair
Ray Brown Section Vice Chair
John Aitken Section Secretary
Dr John Ypsilantis Section Treasurer
Dr. David Tien Section Past Chair
Syed Abbas General Committee Member
Greg Andrews Nominations and Appointments Chair
Dr Lyria Bennett Moses General Committee Member & Social Implications of Tech NSW
Sanjib Choudhury eNotice Coordinator
Ollencio D’Souza Government Liaison & Industry Relations
Dr Mahmoud Elkhodr Webmaster
Colin Elston Professional Activities
Prof Karu Esselle Fellow Activities Coordinator
Dr Raheel Hashmi Young Professional Chair
Dr Ali Hellany Student Activities
Dr Graeme Gwilliam Teacher In Service Program(TISP) Co-ordinator
Dr Graeme Gwilliam Educational Activities
Sherry Moghadassi Assistant Secretary
Bruce Poon Membership Development
Dr Hai Yan (Helen) Lu WIE Chair
Dr Bill Sloman CIRCUIT Editor
Dr Bill Sloman Life Members Chair
Dr Bill Sloman Assistant Treasurer
Dr David Tien Conference Coordinator
Antony Zaglas Awards and Recognition Committee Chair
A Prof Ramutis Zakarevicius Historian


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