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Guideline for authors


The Monitor welcomes articles, reviews and stories of experiences from both members of the IEEE and nonmembers alike.  Generally, the authors, both young persons and the experienced, are encouraged to write on themes that generally touch technological innovation, breakthroughs in basic scientific and technical research and applications. The articles may also include balanced assessments of technological, economic, social and business impact of new products or ideas on our society. We expect the articles to be sufficiently general and concise in nature so that our readers, who tend to be non-homogeneous, will appreciate them. The purpose of publishing the articles is to inform our readers, who may be or may not be experts in any particular field, about recent happenings in technology.

If you have read a book or article or tried your hands on a tangible product that may be useful for others please write about it and send this review to us. We want to know about your experience with the product. Is the product useful to a potential buyer? Does it have any hidden shortcoming? Is the price affordable to an average user? If you want to publish a review of a hardware device or software, please include all available details: its compatibility with Mac or Windows platforms, the version of OS, the minimum CPU speed and the capacity of RAM needed to operate it, the manufacturer, manufacturer’s suggested and discounted prices, and a Web site where one can get more information. Do not hesitate to write about the headaches that the product might give, e.g., frequent crashes or incompatibility with other software. The same guideline applies to the reviews and recommendations of Web sites as well. If you review a book, please give us its exact title, the name(s) of the author(s) and the publisher, year of publication, edition, number of pages, the ISBN and the price, say at If you consider your hobby (e.g., cooking, hiking and bird watching) may be of interest to other readers do write about that as well. Reading the Monitor and writing for it should be both interesting and fun.

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