Is IEEE Spectrum selling out women?

As often happens, after posting “what’s wrong with pink legos” (see sidebar), the subject showed up regularly in my mind’s carousel, and as I am looking at the front cover of the January 2012 issue of IEEE Spectrum showing an image leading to the feature article “Good-bye, Wheelchair, Hello Exoskeleton” it hits me right between the eyes. Ah, I think — pretty, pink — there must be a great story attached to this. And indeed there is a great story, however, even though Tamara gets another full page frontal exposure inside the article that is the last we see or hear about her. I have to say that on the IEEE ┬áspectrum website Tamara does get a bit more exposure – a video of her photo shoot – which hopefully for her will lead to a new career in modeling, but again… So on to the Ekso Bionics website┬áthat has great content, but alas — there are no women in the leadership section. However, the good news is they are looking for electrical and control engineers. So women engineers, spruce up your cv and apply.

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