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IEEE Centennial Prize

IEEE Centennial Prize

of the
IEEE New Zealand South Section

The prize was established to commemorate 100 years of the IEEE and was originally intended for the best student project report for a student who is a member of the IEEE studying at the University of Canterbury. In 1998, the prize was being extended to all universities in the IEEE NZ South region. And in 2003 it was extended further to three distinct prizes.

  1. There shall be three prizes per year, awarded annually, for work done by a student in their third examination year, who is a member of IEEE. The assessment will be:

    The value of the prize will be NZ$250 for the ECE student and NZ$250 for the COSC student.

  2. The student counsellor at each site will in late October or early November will make the selection from eligible students and submit this to a local sub-committee of the Section Committee for approval.
  3. The sub-committees will established annually by the IEEE NZ South Section Committee.
  4. The prize shall not be awarded if there is no candidate of sufficient merit.
  5. The closing day for submission of projects is 15 November.
  6. The results will normally be announced by the Section Annual General Meeting held in late November.

These revised rules were approved by the IEEE New Zealand South Section Committee on 3rd August 2015.