Ozark Section Meeting

The meeting was opened by Gary Tomlinison following dinner. The following 6 people attended;
Gary Tomlinson, chair
Bryan Cook, vice chair
Edge Nowlin, secritary
Mitch Wilkinson, treasurer, Terry Martin, Regional East Area chair
Reed Petty

Bryan discussed development of new Web site and how to develop further interest in both it and the section. Ideas presented covered Tweeting, blogs, and forums. Following other discussions Bryan commited to making available serveral of the communication formats available via the new Web site.

Terry pointed out ideas tht he was successful in incorporating to reactivate the Shreveport section that may apply to our issues. Some of the interests were in developing education, such as the electrical code training which AEP supported. These actions reactivated the section which is now viable.

We discussed different programs that might inculcate inerest in the Section:
Terry commited to re-energize the UA faculty participation in the Section
The idea of a presentation on home power was mentioned; Reed Petty mentioned his son Mathew, Fayetteville city Alderman, has founded a non profit on sustainability, which could be part of such a program.
Ajay Malshe has started a nanotech company that could be a good source for a presentation.

It was further suggested we begin planning for the upcoming school year, possibly beginning in the May-June timeframe. It was decided we will have two planning meetings for future direction, one to be held in Fayetteville & one in Harrison. Gary will send out a note on when to hold these meetings. The subjects to be covered consisted of at a minimum the following;
New Officers
Growth Plan
Speakers and Tours
Meeting day of the month

Solar Splash will be conducted May 27-31, Roy McCann is looking for funds and support. We agreed to donate $1000 toward the UARK entry.

Best Robotics: We will donate $1500 to the hub, which will support schools in the area. Gary will contact Ed Proctor for information about where to send the check.

We adjourned at 8:00

Edge Nowlin, Secretary

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