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Visual Rhetoric: Making Arguments Visually Using Elements of Visual Grammar

When designing visuals, we often neglect to identify a purpose beyond simply representing data. But visuals – particularly data visuals and infographics – are most effective when they are designed with a clear purpose in mind, particularly if they contribute to an argument. Melissa Clarkson’s earlier post on The Elements of Visual Communication provided a good starting point for a discussion of how to use visual elements to communicate types of relationships: this post expands on those concepts in explaining how  visual grammar can contribute to making an argument.

What is Visual Grammar?

Understanding visual grammar – the components and relationships that contribute to meaning – in visual language – is key to developing effective visuals. As in linguistic grammar, we rely on a shared, often culturally specific, set of patterns and expectations in building and interpreting visual texts. We can start to understand this term by examining something we are  already familiar with: linguistic grammar. This is the set of rules or principles that govern the composition of language in order to make shared meaning. In other words, grammar involves: (1) the components of language (letters, words, clauses, phrases) and (2) their relationships that contribute to meaning.

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