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President’s eNotice (January 2012)

from Julia Williams, PCS President ( New Year, New Plans for PCS The new year customarily means new plans—for your health, your career, your future.  With the beginning of 2012, the IEEE Professional Communication Society embarks on new plans to better serve you, the members of PCS. In the coming months, … [Read more...]

President’s eNotice (February 2012)

from Julia Williams, PCS President ( IPCC 2012 Keynote Speaker—Manuel Lima Manuel Lima—Interaction Designer, Information Architect, Design Researcher—will headline the International Professional Communication Conference on the campus of the University of Central Florida, October 8-12, 2012.  A … [Read more...]

The IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2012

The IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2012 will be held in Seattle, Washington State, USA from Oct 21 – 24, 2012. Details: Other than the official website, we have an active facebook group, linkedIn group and a less active twitter. Further to that we have a theme song, published on youtube: … [Read more...]

The IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge: Student Projects Changing the World

IBM and IEEE are in search of creative team based student projects that can help students at any level learn about applying engineering, science and other disciplines to solve real world problems. It's a great opportunity to put your engineering skills to use.and earn cash prizes too! The competition is open to college/university students from all … [Read more...]

My first blog post!

I've just returned from the American Society for Engineering Education conference in San Antonio, Texas.  No surprise, it was hot, hotter than I remember it being when I was a student at Trinity University ( Go Tigers!  Class of 1984).  And I probably ate too much Tex-Mex (who can drive by Taco Cabana and not order a bean and cheese taco?).  But … [Read more...]

Classics in Communication — "Big Science or bricolage: An alternative model for research in Technical Communication" by N. W. Coppola & N. Elliot

Recommended by past IEEE Professional Communication Society president George Hayhoe — This article reviews the two strands of research that have influenced research in technical communication, systematized science and ethnographic inquiry. It then surveys the most significant research in the field since the 1980s, mostly ethnographic in its … [Read more...]

Classics in Communication — “Targeting an audience of robots: Search engines and the marketing of technical communication business websites" by J. B. Killoran

Recommended by former Transactions editor Jo Mackiewicz — Killoran’s surveyed 240 principals in technical communication businesses, interviewed half of them, and analyzed their websites to determine the extent to which they tried to reach prospective clients via the intermediary of search engines. He found that search engines help businesses but … [Read more...]

Podcast: Web Accessibility Basics

Brenda Huettner provides us with the basics for making our web sites accessible in this training podcast. Huettner is an STC Fellow, a Senior IEEE Member, and the author of a number of informative books, including most recently Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools. [Script Available] … [Read more...]

Podcast: Six Tips for Effective E-Mail

What's the best way to compose an effective e-mail? Listen as George Hayhoe, an award-winning senior IEEE member and fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, offers six valuable tips in this first ever PCS Training Podcast. After listening to George's podcast, you'll know who to target with your email, how long it should be, and what … [Read more...]

Podcast: Dealing Proactively with Audience Questions

What’s the best way to handle questions from the audience when presenting? This podcast examines key things you can do to deal proactively with audience questions. [Script Available] … [Read more...]