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Telling the Story of Technical Information

What do storytelling and technical presentations have in common?  At first, you may think, "absolutely nothing!"  And yes, there is a deep chasm between The Brothers Karamazov and the update you give your boss about progress with the design of a drug-eluting stent (just to give an … [Read more...]


The IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) 2012 will be held in Seattle, Washington State, USA from Oct 21–24, 2012. GHTC brings together members of the engineering community, technology leaders from industry, government agencies, NGOs, charities and others interested in how technology can be used to advance humanity. Find out … [Read more...]

The Vexing Nature of Apologies

Recent events in the news have reminded me of the vexing nature of apologies.  Each of us has seen public apologies in the media:  Jimmy Swaggert apologizing to his congregation, Representative Kevin Yoder apologizing for skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee, Prime Minister Kan Naoto's apology to Korea for the actions of imperial Japan.  And I'm … [Read more...]

My Boss, My Coach, My Teacher?

I was struck by Jordan Weissmann's report in The Atlantic about the value that bosses add to the work of their employees.  We are all familiar with the bad boss syndrome, immortalized in television, film, blogs, and the numerous "Rate My Boss" sites that proliferate on the web.  But a research project that quantifies what good bosses do?  Leave it … [Read more...]

IPCC 2013—Beyond Borders: Communicating Globally — July 15-17, Vancouver

Rideshare Information Requirements for Presenters Preliminary Conference Program and Schedule Registration Still Open Conference Theme In the 21st Century, technical communicators must redefine or transcend borders of many kinds: social, linguistic, national, and cultural. As practitioners, researchers, and educators in the field of technical … [Read more...]

Semicolons; Beware!

If you read the title for this post and wished to call me out on misuse of the semicolon (in a post about semicolons), then save yourself a stamp (or a few bits in an email) and be assured that I know how to use it.  At least I thought I did until I reviewed a short essay for a co-worker and found rampant instances of semicolon misuse.  As soon as … [Read more...]

Now Available — IPCC 2012 Draft Program

IPCC presenters and attendees can plan your conference for October with the attached program schedule, current as of August 13. Please check the date and time of your own paper, and begin to see which other sessions you may want to attend. Please contact Rich House, Program Chair, with any questions: Click here to download … [Read more...]