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Let’s Engineer Communication!

On Monday, November 26th, we started a new academic term here at Rose-Hulman, my home institution. That means I met with students in the two sections of the Technical and Professional Communication course that I will teach this quarter.  When I introduce the course, I like to tell students that I have been teaching a version of "Tech Comm" for 18 … [Read more...]

A Reminder about PCS Elections

The presidential election in the United States is over now, but you can still keep the election spirit alive by voting in the 2012 IEEE PCS election for members of the PCS AdCom. As a member of PCS, you should have received an e-mail notification that elections are now open. The election will run until 27 November 2012. If you have not received … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Traci Nathans-Kelly, editor of the Wiley-IEEE PCS Book Series

Normally, watching a segment of 60 Minutes is a bit of mind candy for me. There are some interesting facts, a little nice storytelling, and perhaps I’m made to think a little bit more about something that I had not pondered before. But on the November 11 edition, I watched with some vested interest as the segment was about jobs in the industrial … [Read more...]

Let Me Verbalize It For You

I thought I would recommend Helen Sword's recent posting in the NYT Draft column on the topic of mutant verbs.  Be warned--the creation of verb forms from nouns doesn't make our English richer! … [Read more...]

The “A” Word

My blogging has been severely curtailed in the past several weeks because of the imminent arrival of program evaluators from the Engineering Accreditation Commission and the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.  Yes, every six years (or more frequently if you aren't doing your job properly), engineering and computer science programs undergo … [Read more...]