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“Memories of Irish Bed and Breakfasts,” by George Hayhoe

Hi everyone, We will be posting all kinds of messages and stories here in the coming months. To start with, we asked George Hayhoe to write about his experiences of travel in Ireland. Hope you enjoy it. By the way, if you attended the previous conference in Limerick, please send me ( your stories, or submit comments … [Read more...]

Marsha Lovett on Learning Sciences and Professional Communication

Dr. Marsha Lovett talked about leveraging technology in the learning sciences in the opening keynote for IPCC 2014. We asked her what role learning sciences can play in improving pedagogy and student learning, especially in professional communication. Learn more about her and her work in cognitive … [Read more...]

Dr. Richard House on Developing Engineering Credibility

Dr. Richard House, co-author of the Lufkin award winning paper on engineering ethos in environmental public policy deliberations, tell us about the case they studied, and what it tells us about how engineering argument and authority is often constructed.  Find out about what helps to constructs credibility in these and other contexts. Hint: You … [Read more...]

Bernadette Longo on What Interdisciplinarity Means for Professional Communication

Dr. Bernadette Longo gave the closing keynote at IEEE PCS 2014 conference on Disciplinary Grounding and Interdisciplinary Understanding. We asked her a few questions about the challenges and opportunities this increasing interdiscipinarity presents for professional communication. Find out more about … [Read more...]

Michael Alley on Presentation Delivery in Engineering Contexts

At the IEEE PCS 2014 conference, Michael Alley, winner of the Ronald S. Blicq award for Distinction in Technical Communication, gave an engaging talk on the gap between what is expected of engineers in their professional presentations and what is taught in their classrooms, concluding with a need to revitalize teaching oral presentation delivery … [Read more...]

IEEE USA Webinar: That Bullet Is Not Magic – Avoid Presentation Mistakes and Create New Best Practices

IEEE USA will be presenting a webinar, led by Dr. Traci Nathans-Kelly, on slide design for presentations, titled "That Bullet Is Not Magic - Avoid Presentation Mistakes and Create New Best Practices " on December 4, 2014, 2:00-3:00pm EDT.  … [Read more...]

Nominations for the 2015 STC Ken Rainey Award for Excellence in Research

Please help the Society for Technical Communication honor the distinguished research contributions of Dr. Ken Rainey by nominating yourself or a colleague for the prestigious 2015 STC Ken Rainey Award for Excellence in Research. The Ken Rainey award celebrates Ken Rainey’s passion for research that results in significant improvements to technical … [Read more...]