Archives for February 2015

“Images from Ireland” by Marjorie Davis

The first time I visited Ireland, I was immediately charmed by its fabled beauty. Flying into Shannon Airport, we couldn’t believe the intense greens; the small fields fenced about with stones; the little cottages and clusters of houses and little shops that make up the Irish village. At first it feels like you are on a movie set, or you just … [Read more...]

Engineer Your Own Success, by Anthony Fasano, now available from Wiley-IEEE

Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career, Updated and Expanded is now available as part of the IEEE-Wiley PCS book series. Focusing on basic skills and tips for career enhancement, Engineer Your Own Success is a guide to improving efficiency and performance in any engineering field. It imparts … [Read more...]

Message from Ron Blicq, co-author of Technically-Write!, now in its 6th edition

Remembering the pleasure of the 2005 conference at Limerick—the ambience, the people, the program, the campus, the surrounding countryside—I immediately entered the dates for the 2015 conference in my calendar and listed the entry as a “must” event. I'll definitely be there. Ron Blicq … [Read more...]