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International Virtual Teams: Engineering Global Success, by Pam Estes Brewer, now available from Wiley-IEEE

International Virtual Teams: Engineering Global Success is now available as part of the IEEE-Wiley PCS book series. As a complete guide to international virtual team communication with practical problem-solving strategies, this book is a must read for managers and engineers in all stages of their professional development This book provides … [Read more...]

‘What’ are my team members? Getting engineers to see the ‘who’

By Patricia Sheridan A three part series on a fundamental principle of effective group communication Too often I meet with engineers and engineering students whose teams are not functioning well. They will talk to me about the project, they will talk to me about the deliverables, and they will readily talk to me about the task-based competencies … [Read more...]

Golf, Anyone?

Friends at Ennis Club Woodstock If you play golf at all, you’ll love golfing in Ireland! And no, you probably do not want to head for the championship courses, unless you are a rich golf pro. But literally hundreds of small courses are found all throughout Ireland! Every village, it seems, has a golf club, and most welcome visitors. You can … [Read more...]

First Quarter 2015 Issue of the Transactions Now Available

The First Quarter 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication is now available. Highlights of the issue include research articles on "Critical Factors Influencing Innovation Diffusion on Corporate Websites," "A Reexamination of Fortune 500 Homepage Design Practices," "Remaking the Pitch: Reuse Strategies in Entrepreneurs’ … [Read more...]

Lessons from Academia in Developing English Language Skills and Training Programs

  Many engineering schools, both in English speaking and non-English speaking countries, have had to come up with strategies for improving the English language abilities of their students.  Schools in predominantly English speaking countries with increasing non-domestic enrolments have begun to see the importance of language support for … [Read more...]

Irish BBQ Welcomes You to ProComm 2015

Plan to arrive Sunday evening for a tradition Irish Barbecue at The Stables, U of Limerick campus. This is the first chance to meet and greet each other, enjoy terrific food and drink, and be entertained by a troop of Irish dancers and musicians! Buy your tickets online now using the ProComm 2015 registration site. You really don’t want to miss … [Read more...]

Audience Autonomy: Use It to Power Your Presentations

By Pat Truman Three years ago...and I still remember four simple words a presenter said to me after his presentation. His efforts had engaged us for 90 minutes. We'd learned a lot. Our enthusiasm was audible. The session had flown by. I shook his hand and thanked him. He said to me: "I am your mirror." Mystified by these words at the time, I … [Read more...]

Improving the Q&A Experience: A Collaborative Effort

By Laurence Anthony How many times have you seen a smoothly delivered presentation with great slides and a clear and logical structure suddenly becoming disappointing or disastrous during the Q&A? Everyone has experienced a presentation Q&A session in which an over- enthusiastic presenter dives in with an answer before the audience … [Read more...]

Principles for Reuse: How to Repurpose Documentation for Different Situations

Professional communication often involves producing documentation for slightly different contexts, sometimes over the course of multiple years. Information about the same product, process, or event is often delivered to different audiences and to meet different purposes. Product specifications might need to be developed for an engineer working on … [Read more...]

CFP: 2015 Conference of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Location: Utah State University, Logan, UT Dates: October 1-3, 2015 Theme:  Programmatic Perspectives: Research, Approaches, and Applications Overview As programs in our field evolve and new programs emerge, it is essential for us to take time to reflect on their sustainability and the forces affecting them – things like the availability of … [Read more...]