Archives for October 2016

Full time, Continuing Positions in Professional Writing at Ithaca College

The Department of Writing at Ithaca College seeks candidates for two full-time, continuing positions in professional writing. One line is tenure-eligible, the other non-tenure-eligible. Both positions require a master's degree.  Interested individuals should apply at and attach a cover letter and CV. The applicant … [Read more...]

Workshop on “Developing a Competitive NSF RED Proposal”

Are you preparing a RED proposal for your program? Are you struggling with what it means to be revolutionary? Are you unsure of who you need on your team to create a successful proposal? Are you confused about change models and how to use them to produce change? If any of the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ – join us for a free online webinar … [Read more...]

2016 Conference Recap and Awards!

Thanks to all of the conference organizers and attendees for a great ProComm 2016 at the University of Texas in Austin, a fabulous city and conference venue! Bob Metcalfe kicked off the conference with a enlightening talk on entrepreneurship communication, outlining the various ways in which our words and actions can carry ourselves and our … [Read more...]

Workshop: Technical Communication for Engineers in the Globalization Age

We are announcing a two day long workshop on Technical Communication for Engineers in the Globalization Age, in San Salvador, El Salvador, October 13-14th, 2016. Training Objective: To present the characteristics of communication in the globalization age, better use of the Spanish language in technical fields, its main tools, applications and … [Read more...]