Simplified Technical English and the Thumbs Up Technique (Step 2)

In his previous article, Ferry Vermeulen, MSc. showed us how to  determine relevant information and delete any non-relevant information as Step #1 of the Thumbs Up Technique for Simplified Technical English. In his second  article, he discusses Step#2, how to use the online STE-Dictionary to find approved usage of words. The words you choose in … [Read more...]

Featured Article: A Short Guide to Writing Technical Papers – A Company Perspective

By Kim Siow, ON Semiconductor, SCG Industries. Writing a book or a paper is often associated with scholars’ activities.   After all, scholars leave a legacy of literature to be read by later generations.  This exchange of ideas is best served by the work being made available in the public domain.  This mindset rules in academic circles, where a … [Read more...]

Featured Article: Picture Perfect: Using Illustrations in Technical Communication

By Samartha Vashishtha, Content and Community Lead, Adobe Systems Ten years ago, a feature1 made a startling observation. It warned that the addictive nature of Web browsing could leave the average human with an attention span of nine seconds—“roughly that of a goldfish.”2 The Internet has only become a bigger and busier place over the … [Read more...]