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Here is a collection of blogs that may be useful for engineering professionals, educators, and communication professionals.

Jean-luc Doumont’s blog on “effective communication for rational minds”

This blog on “effective communication for rational minds” can be read on its own or can be regarded as a companion to my book Trees, maps, and theorems (Principiae, 2009). Like this book, it largely builds on 20 years of experience training and advising engineers, scientists, business people, and other professionals around the world. It is, however, more anecdotal, being inspired by the written documents, oral presentations, and graphical displays I come across. For those who own a copy of Trees, maps, and theorems, it lists the book chapters that underpin each blog entry.

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Kim Campbell’s blog: Pros Write

I’ve been talking about the role of writing for professionals for nearly 25 years. My “talk” has always taken place in a university classroom or an academic journal. I’m not ready to stop talking in those contexts, but I am tired of their constraints. So why not talk with fewer (or at least different) constraints here? There are things I really want to SAY.

Like . . . why do so few recognize how bizarre it is that the US educational system thinks teachers who like to read literature are the best candidates to teach young people how to write? These teachers mean well, but all they offer are platitudes like “writers must analyze their audience” followed by a requirement for at least five double-spaced pages. I guess it works out OK for the 10 or 15 or so years people remain students who write about literature for teachers who like to read literature. But what about the writing they do for the REST of their lives? You know–the kind of professional writing that determines whether they get a job or earn a promotion or win funding for their business venture. …

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Samartha Vashishtha’s blog: The Doc Fox

Samartha Vashishtha works as a Senior Technical Writer/Content and Community Lead at Adobe Systems. He enjoys documenting workflows and using visual approaches, such as infographics, in his work to make it dead simple for readers to understand complex scenarios.

Samartha has been actively blogging and using social media channels to engage the user community. He is also a moderator for CQ Post and LiveCycle Post, community content pages for Adobe CQ and the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.

While his professional interests include Web analytics, content optimization, and SEO; beyond work, Samartha is a published bilingual poet, gadget aficionado, and intermittent technology journalist. You can read more about his interests on his Linkedin profile.

This profile was written in third person by Samartha himself.

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