In Memoriam: Thomas Orr

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Thomas Orr. Tom served as ProComm President from 2010-12 and guided ProComm through an IEEE Technical Activities Board Financial Committee review during that period. The review allowed our society to re-evaluate its focus on member services and to chart a new Strategic Plan for our future directions.

In addition to his service as President, Tom worked tirelessly to bring new members to ProComm from Asia.¬†In doing so, he extended the reach of our society into regions we had not connected with well. ¬†Several former AdCom members served ProComm because of Tom’s persuasive appeal to them on a personal level. The loss of Tom after a long struggle with cancer is a loss for all of us and for our profession.

– Julia Williams, Past ProComm President.

Tom’s Obituary can be found here (