Membership Information

To receive the full range of benefits from the Professional Communication Society, consider joining as a full IEEE member or an Affiliate member. As a full IEEE member, you receive an extensive benefits package in addition to the PCS membership. Affiliate members become members of just the Professional Communication Society—perfect for professionals whose broad technical interests are in areas other than those of the IEEE.

PCS Member Benefits

PCS members receive the following:

IEEE Membership

IEEE members receive an extensive benefits package. Membership in the Professional Communication Society is open to all IEEE members.

The IEEE membership application can be used to apply for full Institute membership as well as Professional Communication Society membership (see instructions below for completing your membership application).

PCS Affiliates

Professionals whose broad technical interests are in areas other than those of the IEEE but which are focused on the activities of our Society may join as Affiliates. The Affiliate receives only the services of the Society rather than those of the IEEE as a whole. For example, Affiliates do not receive IEEE Spectrum magazine and are not eligible to participate in the IEEE Financial Advantage Program. Affiliates do receive the IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication and the PCS Newsletter.

Another advantage to Affiliates is the discount on our annual International Professional Communication Conference (IPCC). Affiliate dues are US$91 annually (or $45.50 for a half-year), which covers $31 society fee plus the $60 that IEEE charges. Your Affiliate membership rate may vary depending on your Country of Origin.  Membership year begins on 1 January and expires on 31 December. After 15 August, only full-year membership is available for the next calendar year. After 28 February, only half-year membership is available for the initial year.  To obtain more information, email Julia Williams, chair of the Outreach Committee.

How to Join ProComm

First, go to and click on “Membership & Services, then on “Join IEEE or an IEEE Society”:Membership Screen 1

Next, select “Join as a professional.” Select this option even if you only wish to join ProComm/PCS as an Affiliate (rather than as an IEEE member who chooses ProComm/PCS as their society):

Membership Screen 2

In order to proceed, you will need to create an IEEE account. Note: Creating an account does not mean that you are joining IEEE.

Membership Screen 3

In the Cart at the right, you will see that IEEE membership has been automatically added.

.Membership Screens 4

At this point, you still have to add PCS membership. Click the Societies and Communities tab below, and select IEEE Societies.

Membrship 5

Scroll down the list to IEEE Professional Communication Society, click that text, then click the Join the IEEE Professional Communication Society link.

Membership 6

At this point, you will be asked to complete the Join page.  In the Cart at the right, you will see that both the IEEE membership and PCS membership are now added.  Totals may differ depending on Country of Origin and time of year.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to join IEEE and PCS, leave the Cart as is.  If you only wish to be an Affiliate member, remove the IEEE membership from the Cart and proceed with completing the Join page.

Membership 7