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Simplified Technical English and the Thumbs Up Technique (Step 2)

In his previous article, Ferry Vermeulen, MSc. showed us how to  determine relevant information and delete any non-relevant information as Step #1 of the Thumbs Up Technique for Simplified Technical English. In his second  article, he discusses … [Continue reading]

How Engineers Will Save the World | Anthony Fasano

Watch Anthony Fasano's TEDx talk on How Engineers Will Save the World: Anthony is the author of the IEEE-Wiley series book, Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering … [Continue reading]

Simplified Technical English and Clearer Documentation through the Thumbs Up Technique (1/3)

Simplified Technical English (STE) is generally considered as being of great importance for writing clear and unambiguous content, mainly for user instructions like maintenance manuals. However, many technical writers experience specific problems … [Continue reading]

Using Numbers in Technical Documents

For engineers, like physicists, numbers are as important as words in reporting on their work, and carry much of the meaning behind their technical documents. However, how we write these numbers – and how we integrate them with text – may … [Continue reading]

Using Metacommunication to Create Better Teams: Pam Brewer

Communication is pivotal to effective team performance; however, establishing good communication practices can be challenging, especially with teams that interact virtually and span across cultures with different expectations for communication. … [Continue reading]