IEEE PES ​​Subcommittee on Big Data & Analytics for Power Systems IEEE


Upcoming Activities

  • Webinar Series on Big Data & Analytics for Power Systems. (Link)

2017 PES GM Panel Session

  • Big Data Access and Big Data Research Integration in Power Systems (Panel Chair: Dr. Hamed Mohsenian-Rad)
    • Opening Remarks (slide)
    • System Identification of Reduced‐Order Models of Power Systems from PMU Data (slide)
    • Advanced Analytics and Data for PMU Applications (slide)
    • Open Micro‐PMU: A Real World Reference Distribution Micro‐phasor Measurement Unit Data Set for Research and Application Development (slide)
    • Big Data Access, Analytics and Sense-Making (slide)
    • Predictive Analytics for Energy Systems State Estimation (slide)
  • Big Data Analytics for Electricity Markets (Panel Chair:  Dr. Ran Li, Dr. Li Furong)
    • Empowering Renewable Energy Prosumers through Big Data Analytics (slide)
    • Network Pricing in the Low Carbon Power Markets (slide)
    • Big Data Analytics to Facilitate DSO Transition (slide)
    • Market Integration Between Wholesale and Retail Markets (slide)
    • Mutual Trading Strategy between Customers and Power Generations based on Load Consuming Patterns (slide)
    • Consequences of Climate Change into Decision Making for Energy Market (slide)
    • Low Voltage Customer Characterization Options for Distribution Pricing and Demand Side Management (slide)
    • Research Trends in Load Forecasting and Their Implications to Energy Trading (slide)
    • Renewable Energy Trading in Cross-RegionPower Market of China (slide)
  • Big Data for Integrated Energy Systems (Panel Chair: Dr. Goran Strbac, Dr. Bie Zhaohong)
    • Real Time Outage Detection from Utility Big Data (slide)
    • Research on the Framework and Data Fusion of an Energy Big-data Platform (slide)
    • Big Data Analysis for Energy Internet (slide)
    • Data Driven Load Model (slide)
    • Extracting Value from Smart Grid to Support Peer-to-Peer Energy System (slide)
    • Understanding and Characterising the Dependence of Electricity on Gas with Big Data (slide)
  • Big Data in Power Systems: Transmission, Distribution, and Data Analytic Applications (Panel Chair: Dr. Mladen Kezunovic, Dr. Nanpeng Yu)

Past Activites

  • 2016 PES GM
    • Panel Session on “Big Data on Power Distribution Networks”. (Panel Chair: Dr. Reza Arghandeh)
    • Panel Session on “Big Data on Demand Response”. (Panel Chair: Dr. Haiwang Zhong)
  • 2015 PES GM, Panel Session on “Using Big Data to Enhance Transmission System Planning and Operations”. (Panel Chair: Dr. Jun Wen) Wednesday July.29.2015.(Panel Summary Report, Slides)
    • “Stop the Data Flood” by Dr. Anthony Johnson (Slides)
    • “Synchrophasor-based Big Data Analytics for Grid Operations and Planning” by Dr. Manu Parashar (Slides)
    • “Predictive Analytics Derived from HVAC and PMU Data, Case Histories at UCSD” by Dr. Chuck Wells (Slides)
    • “Application of Synchrophasor Data to Power System Operations” by Prof. Joe Chow (Slides)
  • 2014 PES GM, Panel discussion on “Challenges and Solutions of Big Data for Power System Operations”. Tuesday July.29.2014 (10am-noon, Azalea 2).
  • 2014 PES GM, Panel discussion on “CAMS Task Force Big Data Driven Analytics for Smart Grid Operations”. Tuesday July.29.2014 (2pm in Potomac 5)
  • 2013 PES GM (Panel Discussion and Kickoff Task Force Meeting)