IEEE PES ​​Subcommittee on Big Data & Analytics for Power Systems IEEE

Working Groups

Data Access

The objective of the data accessing working group is to facilitate public access to power systems data to promote big data research and development. The electric power industry, interacting with one of the largest customer-serving critical networks and going through drastic rapid changes in both business and technical paradigms, is presenting limitless opportunities for big data studies. However, research and development on big data is not possible unless one has access to big data. Accordingly, the Data Access Work Group is proposed to facilitate such access in an organized and sustainable fashion by identifying and addressing the related practical obstacles.



Hamed Mohsenian-Rad, University of California at Riverside
Ning Zhou, Binghamton University
Payman Dehghanian, George Washington University
Ashkan Sadeghi, University of California at Riverside
Hossein Sangrody, Binghamton University