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2016 PES Distinguished Lecturer Program Report

PES DLP has a most active year in 2016.  Please submit your DLP request to make another successful year

The IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides lectures worldwide to present topics of current interest for chapter meetings. DLP supports PES chapters to deliver technical programs and increase the education awareness of the PES general membership.

In 2016, 51 DLP visits and 87 disguised lectures were completed all over the world. Both numbers are the largest within the past 7 years.

The numbers of DLP visits and lectures from 2010 to 2016

The number of attendees to these DLP events is about 4,730 in 2016. The actual PES spending is $28,421. Most 2016 DLP events happened in R8, R9 and R10. Students were involved in most of the events.

DLP Overview by Regions in 2016

In 2016, 11 distinguished lecturers nominations have been approved, which makes the number of PES distinguished lecturer increased to 98. The topics provided by these distinguished lecturers cover almost all PES technical areas. The current distinguished lecturer list can be found at here (IEEE username/password required).

To submit a DLP request, please identify a distinguished lecturer and a topic, fill the speaker request form and send it to pes.chapters.dlp@ieee.org for approval. More information, including a DLP checklist, can be found at the PES DLP website. We would like to see more DLP requests in 2017.

Yousu Chen
DLP Coordinator