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IEEE Power and Energy Neighbors Congress (PENC’16)

Website : sites.ieee.org/penc

“PENC” was a chance to foster the bonds between neighboring IEEE PES Chapters and Student Chapters by providing the opportunity to meet, discuss and work together to solve real energy problems and improve their: First Initiative between Egypt and Tunisia.

Organizing Team of IEEE PENC 2016

It all begins when the right people know each other and decide to work together. In September 2015, the idea started when Mohamed Seif from Egypt and Manel Rebhi from Tunisia thought about volunteering and organizing an international event. The idea was to work towards the vision of IEEE Power and Energy Society and Networking without Boarders initiative: IEEE Power & Energy Neighbors Congress.

IEEE PES High Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Sousse “ISSAT Sousse” and Ain Shams University Student Branch Chapters from IEEE Tunisia and Egypt PES Chapters decided to lead the initiative of  working together to organize the First Power & Energy Neighbors Congress “PENC” held in Tunisia.

Under the slogan “Work together .. Energy forever”, the First Power & Energy Neighbors Congress “PENC” took place through 18 – 21 December 2016 at Diar El Medina Hotel, Hammamet, Tunisia.

Opening Ceremony in Diar El Medina Hotel in Tunisia.

More than 400 student and young professional IEEE members from Tunisia and Egypt attended the event. They had a varied program, two technical sessions, IEEE Power & Energy Society programs and opportunities awareness session and Women in Power session.

The speakers came from Tunisia and Egypt. Also the volunteers who worked in    preparing the designs, content, website and sponsors were from the both countries.

IEEE PENC Leaders (Mohamed Seif and Manel Rebhi)

Gala dinner for the Students and Young Professional Members.

Special thanks to IEEE PES ISSATSo Student Branch Chapter, IEEE PES Ain Shams Student Branch Chapter, IEEE PES Tunisia Chapter Chair, IEEE PES Egypt Chapter Chair, IEEE Tunisia Section Chair, Professors and Dean of ISSAT Sousse, and IEEE PES Driven Initiatives for all the support and help. PENC 2017 will be held in Egypt and you all are invited.

Manel Rebhi, Engineer
IEEE PES ISSATSo Former Chairwoman, ISSAT Sousse-Tunisia