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Juan Carlos Montero, VP Membership and Image

IEEE PES: 2nd Largest Society in IEEE

Congratulations!!! We are very happy to announce that IEEE PES closes 2016 with more than 37,000 members—capping off 10 consecutive years of positive membership growth. We also retain our position as the Second Largest Society in IEEE!

It is not only just a matter of total membership, it is about the IEEE PES serving as the leading provider of information on electric power and energy and becoming a reliable forum for sharing the latest technology trends.

With over 37,000 members around the globe representing every facet of the electric power and energy industry, PES is at the forefront of the rapidly changing technological advancements that impact everyone’s future. Check  our Chapter Locator tool to locate the closest  one to you.

With more than approximately 40% of our membership from outside North America, PES is always targeting to increase the global value for its benefits. No matter where you are, PES Benefits are close to you so check out these examples:

Keep an eye on your inbox for the email with the digital access for the most recent issues of your Power & Energy Magazine and IEEE Electrification Magazine.

PES  Webinar’s remote access also competes with the large variety of webinars offered during the year.

PES recognizes global contributions through the conferral of numerous awards. If you know someone you consider deserves recognition for years of service and accomplishments, visit our rewards website, and send the nomination. We are certain that there are great people worldwide who had accomplished incredible goals and contributed for a better world.

IEEE PES also offers numerous networking opportunities through various sponsored conferences throughout the year in all IEEE Regions, including the IEEE PES General Meeting, the IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) conferences, the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition, and many others. Check our Calendar to locate the closest Conference in your region.

One of our most precious jell is the PES Resource Center! It allows you to access the great IEEE PES information from any part of the world, independently. From any device with web connection, you will find over 1000 products for FREE, including tutorials, videos and PES event presentations.

To learn more about IEEE PES, visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn.