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Updates on Transition from Aaron to Hofman

2017 has started out as a year of transition, a lot of changes have taken place this year as Aaron St. Leger stepped down as the YP committee chair and John Hofman, formerly the PES-YP Region 6 Representative, stepped in. Aaron, during his time as chair, established the YP-PES Regional Representatives, allowing for each region to begin to coordinate events and raise up leaders within each region, and established a YP presence at the PES General Meeting, with both a YP panel, a reception, and a social event. Thank you, Aaron, for all your efforts over the last few years.

Along with Aaron’s stepping down, the PES-YP committee all stepped down to make room for younger representatives, this gives PES-YPs across the globe an opportunity to be involved in making the PES-YP experience better. The following volunteer positions are available:  Industry Liaison, Academic Liaison, & Communication Coordinator.  Also, the following Regional Representative positions are open here in the USA: Region 2 (Eastern United States), Region 5 (Southwestern United States), & Region 6 (Western United States).

A change in the PES-YP Executive Committee is Sayon Chanda has moved up from being the Web Master to being the Vice-Chair.  He is doing a great job on the Website as we have been transitioning everything over from the old PES-Gold site to the new PES-YP site and will be a great help.

We also have confirmed Erick Chinchilla Vargas as the Event Coordinator, he will be primarily working on PES-YP webinars.

To kick off this new season, the PES-YP team has been asked to kick off a challenge to visit key sites around the globe, more details will follow on this next month.

Finally, the PES General Meeting is coming up this July in Chicago, IL. If you are interested in speaking on the PES-YP Panel to showcase a project you’ve worked on or research you have conducted, please contact John Hofman at john.h.hofman@ieee.org.