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Jessica J. Bian, Secretary

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Join or Renew PES Membership and Make Your 9-to-5 More Fulfilling

I just renewed my IEEE, Power & Energy Society (PES), and Women in Engineering membership this week. Not only would I be entered to win an Apple Watch (if I renew by Nov. 15, 2017), but also I have been enjoying these benefits:

  • Keeping Technically Current
  • Career Resources and Recognition
  • Professional Networking
  • Continuing Education
  • Discounts
  • Humanitarian Programs

With challenges at the forefront of power and energy industries such as technology integration and cyber security, I often ask myself – Is it worth going back to school for new appealing opportunities and career change in these fast-growing fields? And what does it take to do my job? I’ve got decades of experience in the workplace, which is all to the good, but also fewer years in which to undertake lengthy additional schooling. At my midlife, I want to choose my continued education wisely.

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) provides the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest in technological developments and educating members and the general public.  PES members are also leaders in this field.   PES can help me continue my education and reach my full potential in the fast paced industries. In addition, I can meet professionals, network, have one-on-one opportunity to market myself for hundreds of exciting opportunities and discover an abundance of jobs at PES Careers.

Just as with any other field, experts cultivate exceptional resources—and they’re excited to share them with like-minded colleagues. PES conferences and meetings are full of such experts promoting new ideas, showing new products and teaching new methodologies. These live events provide unique learning and career building opportunities that I just can’t find anywhere else.

PES has grown more than 50% in membership within the last decade, and now has more than 37,000 members worldwide. PES membership means I am part of a world community of experts in the field of power engineering. I can participate in industry innovations, influence policy changes, and help write the standards that will define the future of the grid. In turn, PES invigorates my passion for the industry, boost my career, and brings more power to my future.

There’s no better community than PES. Our members make new connections during every meet, at the same time discover talents, hone skills and gain an industry education that will benefit us throughout life. As we step into our future and claim it with purpose, PES has the power to empower our future.

It’s time to join PES or renew your membership to make your 9-to-5 more fulfilling. Please contact me with any questions or comments, and send me an e-mail at jessica.j.bian@ieee.org.