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PES Technical Committee Updates and Announcements

Technical committees are constantly taking on new work, whether it be a standard, technical report or a special task force.  Below are some highlights from several of the technical committees.

From the Energy Development and Power Generation Technical Committee:

IEEE Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee and IEC  TC4 WG14 have initiated a joint working group for a dual logo IEEE/IEC Standard Definitions for Hydroelectric Turbine Governor Systems Standard.  The project scope, purpose, and justification are near completion.  Get involved by visiting, http://sites.ieee.org/pes-hps/ [sites.ieee.org]

IEEE Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee has committed and IEC TC4 WG14 for development of a dual logo IEEE/IEC project for existing Draft IEEE Guide P2775, Technical Guide for Smart Hydroelectric Power Plant.  The project organization, scope, purpose, and schedule are being fine tuned.    Get involved by visiting http://sites.ieee.org/pes-hps/[sites.ieee.org]

From the Insulated Conductors Committee:

The Insulated Conductors Committee announces the following upcoming meetings:

  • Fall 2017 – 29-Oct to 1-Nov (Hollywood, Florida)
  • Spring 2018 – 6-10 May (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Fall 2018 – 28-31 Oct (Walt Disney World Swan, Orlando area)
  • Spring 2019 – 7-10 April (Savannah, Georgia)
  • Fall 2019 – 20-23 Oct (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Get involved by visiting http://www.pesicc.org/iccWebSite/

From Energy Storage and Battery Systems:

The IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) Committee has engaged with IEEE SCC 21, publishers of the IEEE 1547 series of DER and ESS interconnectivity standards to form an SCC 21/PES ESSB Energy Storage Task Force.  The ESTF held an inaugural meeting at the SCC 21 chair’s offices in Denver recently where both short term and long term objectives were established.  The ESTF will be holding web meetings on the 4th Friday of each month.

The IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) Committee will hold its January 2018 General Meeting, Technical Symposiums, and various Working Group sessions on January 22-26 2018 at the Doubletree by Hilton Riverside in Jacksonville FL.  One of the technical symposiums will be a panel session on Safety Codes and Standards affecting Energy Storage.  The panel will be moderated by Stephen Vechy, Chair of the DC Power and Related Systems subcommittee.  Panelists will include Christel Hunter, Chair of SCC 18 (overall IEEE Coordinating Committee for liaison efforts between IEEE Societies, Committees, and the NFPA); David Conover, Senior Technical Advisor for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and publisher of the DOE OE Energy Storage Systems Safety Roadmap Focus on Codes and Standards newsletter; William P Cantor, Chair of the IEEE ESSB Safety Codes & Standards Working Group; and, Randy Schubert, Standards Engineer for Telcordia, a division of Emerson, and member of the NFPA 855 Committee.  For more details and an agenda for this Conference, please go to the IEEE ESSB website at http://sites.ieee.org/pes-essb/[sites.ieee.org].

From the Substations Committee:

P2656 – Substations Committee Working Group I10: Now in Progress!

Within the Substations Committee Working Group I10, work has begun on creating a “Guide for Functional Specification of Voltage-Sourced Converter for HVDC Stations.” Participation is open to all interested parties, where discussion and contribution are welcome.

For more information or to contact WGI10 officers – click here[ewh.ieee.org]

Technical Council Officers Changes:

Also I’d like to announce at this time, the incoming Technical Council Secretary is Hong Chen, from the Power System Operations, Planning and Economics Committee. Her term will be 2018-2019.  Hong is with PJM, a regional transmission organization (RTO) that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Vijay Vittal will become the Technical Council Vice Chair starting in January as well. Vijay has spent time in the Power Systems Dynamic Performance committee as well as others.  Vijay is the Ira A. Fulton Chair Professor and Director PSERC at Arizona State University.

Farnoosh Ramathan will step up as the Technical Council Chair and the Vice President of Technical Activities. Farnoosh has been involved in several committees, the Power Systems Relaying and Control and the Power Systems Instrumentation and Measurement committees to name two.  Farnoosh is with NuGrid Power.

And I will become the Past Chair of Technical Council starting in January. It has been an exciting several years since I started on this journey in 2015.  I’d like to thank my predecessors Jeff Nelson and Ken Edwards for their guidance.

Miriam P Sanders

VP Technical Activities, IEEE PES Governing Board
Chair, Technical Council 2015-2017