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PES Day Celebration: IEEE SB of UNIFACS (Bahia Section, Brazil)

The IEEE PES UNIFACS Student Branch Chapter celebrated the IEEE PES Day with a series of technical lectures focused on the power and energy related areas. At the beginning, Mariana Paiva (Ambassador of PES Day at UNIFACS and PES Volunteer) and Gabriel Burgos (Student Branch Secretary and PES Volunteer) presented the chapter’s history at UNIFACS and the origin of PES Day. The participants understood the dimension and the importance of the event because the idea of this global event came from UNIFACS, with two editions of the event called Power and Energy Day (2016 and 2017).

The first technical lecture was given by Betânia Filha, Electrical Engineer and President of IEEE Bahia Section. She lectured about “National Electrical System: how and who produces and supplies energy for Brazilians”. The second one was given by technical coordinator Anderson Rocha on “Micro and mini power generation”.

The last lecture covered the theme “Expansion of the Brazilian Energy Matrix”, delivered by Professor Paulo Andrade, Coordinator of UNIFACS Electrical Engineering Course and IEEE UNIFACS Student Branch Counselor. To end the event and celebrate the PES Day a coffee-break was given for all the participants. The number of participants was more than 60. But the activities haven’t come to an end yet. Some other technical talks were rescheduled to the first week of May due to rain on that day.

Mariana Paiva
EE Student, Salvador University-UNIFACS, PES Day UNIFACS Ambassador