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PES Day Celebration: University of Jordan

Power and Energy Society’s Day in the University of Jordan had a huge success and attention. Our team of members and volunteers held a booth in order to spread knowledge towards “Power and energy society”, and awareness, what this day mean and invite new members/volunteers to join the society.

The booth had several activities including scientific talks about small applications and modules our members built, designed and assembled themselves, one of these applications was a humidifier and a fan that work on solar power. Another application was a converter that allows operating ac devices on dc power for a battery. Also games and competitions were taking place in the booth, smiles and laughter were all around, students enjoyed the brain and fun games.

One of the games was a story to be told by students who passed by the booth, each student had to write a sentence to complete the story. Without seeing the pervious student’s sentence. Finally the event settled in one of the engineering facility’s auditoriums where “Free Energy of Tesla” Serbian movie was played. The movie was about the life of engineering scientist Nikola Tesla and his story with the great American inventor Thomas Addison including details and a walk through Tesla’s personality. The event was attended by some of the University’s professors from the electrical engineering department. Earlier this month we organized a scientific trip to Tafila wind farm and we listened to a detailed explanations about the system in the wind farm.

Helda Khader