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Region 3 News

Region 3, comprised of the southeastern United States and includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, areas of Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and the country of Jamaica. Within Region 3 PES keeps growing every year! Currently, Region 3 is composed of 14 chapters, 9 joint chapters, and 13 student chapters with more to come. It has been an exciting start to 2018 with more than 4 dozen of events that have happened already!

Within the events that have happened in 2018, Region 3 has been very successful. The local chapters have been very successful engaging our local members as well as our student branches. We have seen chapters, such as Western North Carolina and Tallahassee (FL), do tours of power plants which have served as a great springboard to further engage students and industry members. Other chapters, such as Mississippi and Atlanta, have provided their members the chance to obtain professional development hours by setting up technical seminars which have engaged members from all stages of their careers, both in academia and industry. We have seen events within our region about avant-garde technologies from our Lexington and Chattanooga chapters regarding grid modernization. More importantly, we have seen chapters make great use of our Distinguished Lecturer Program, program which provides lectures from well-known engineers who have been working in the selected areas for long time.

Additionally, we have seen great increase of Young Professional activities within our region. Region 3 truly believes in the involvement of Young Professionals in our activities and there has been a conscious effort to integrate Young Professionals into the leadership of our chapters. Our chapters’ activities keep increasing both in number and quality every passing year and 2018 has not been the exception!

The regional focus will now shift from individual activity standpoint to a state-wide and region-wide type. We look forward to engage our members via special projects and workshops where we can bring multiple chapters and integrate student members in order to encourage a synergistic approach to membership. Lastly, we will strive to focus our membership strategy towards one where we highlight how our membership can help and assist everyone achieve career and lifegoals while also providing everyone a technical network and means of staying technically relevant.

Daniel Diaz
IEEE PES Region 3 Representative
Email: d.diaz@ieee.org