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Saifur Rahman, IEEE PES President

Greetings PES Members,

Today marks an important milestone in the recent history of the IEEE Power & Energy Society. On April 22, 2008, the IEEE Power Engineering Society changed its name to the IEEE Power & Energy Society to more appropriately reflect our modern scope and areas of focus. When the predecessor to IEEE, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) was formed in New York City in 1884, electric power was the primary area of focus.  So we can rightfully claim that PES is 134 years old today.

Today, we at PES can proudly say that we are the leading provider of scientific and engineering information on electric power & energy for the betterment of society. And we have become a trusted resource dedicated to the technical, informational, networking and professional development needs of its members.

As part of our new name, we also started a new re-branding effort that saw many changes to the external image of the society being our new logo the most visible.

Thanks to a team of highly dedicated young professional and student volunteers from around the world, many of you have been enjoying the PES Day celebrations that have taken place all month.

These activities are engaging the PES members in the rich history of PES and our society’s focus on the 5 pillars of the More Power to the Future™ vision:

  • Advancing global participation
  • Educating the future workforce
  • Industry activity trends
  • Standards leadership
  • Participating in regulatory initiatives

Read more on the PES Day website: http://sites.ieee.org/pes-day-2018/ 

In addition, you can follow the activities and find a local even near you on the following dedicated PES Day social media channels:

So, please join me in congratulating all of you – the members of today’s PES – on this monumental event.

Saifur Rahman
IEEE PES President