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ENIM SB Chapter-Tunisia Section

With a view to inspire the next generation of engineers, IEEE PES ENIM SB Chapter, Tunisia Section had decided to celebrate the global PES Day 2018 with future engineers. It gave the students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the renewable energy and its huge effects on the future of the humanity. The PES Day was celebrated on the 26th of April with school students being a part of PES RES (Renewable Energy in Schools) activity, which is one of the greatest PES Networking without Borders (NwB) projects.

Interactive session with students

Led by PES volunteers, this activity consisted on different phases of discovering the world of energy. Indeed, students were introduced to the typical ways of producing electrical energy and their effects on the environment in the near future and then they were capable to understand the urgent need of renewable energy and its exploitation methods (photovoltaic panels, wind turbines etc.).

In addition, to prove the fascinating experience of energy PES volunteers showed them a practical demonstration with HYDROCAR for RES project and explained its operation mode and its different components.

Dividing the tasks in groups to work on different energy examples

Giving the young students the opportunity to discover the world of renewable energy and seeing the huge motivation in tomorrow’s engineers was the greatest experience to all PES members. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of IEEE PES ENIM’s members who volunteered time and energy towards making the event such a great success.

HAPPY PES DAY from tomorrow’s engineers –TUNISIA

Nihel Ayadi
IEEE PES ENIM SB Chapter, Tunisia Section