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Editor’s Corner

Shaikh FattahIt is my pleasure to thank our readers for their continuous inspiration, feedback, and support during the whole year of 2018. In this first issue of 2019, I would like to introduce Dr. Bikash Pal, Professor of Power Systems, Imperial College London, UK who is the 2019 Vice-President Publications of IEEE PES Governing Board. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Mariesa Crow, Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA and Past Vice-President Publications of IEEE PES Governing Board for her tremendous support towards the growth of PES EnewsUpdate. Prof. Bikash Pal has already shared his visions with me to accelerate the growth of PES EnewsUpdate.

EnewsUpdate is a collection of useful articles and news covering various major areas of IEEE PES. First of all it regularly presents the updates from the PES Governing Board Members. It is always great to hear updated information from the PES Governing Board Members. PES Region Representatives present compact yearly updates of PES activities held in different local PES Chapters. This gives an overview of region wise PES activities. We also publish articles containing highlights of important events conducted by PES Chapters. The yearly reports of various PES Technical Committees are made available here. Moreover, the PES Technical Committees also publicize major information through the EnewsUpdate whenever necessary.

EnewsUpdate offers an opportunity to PES student branch chapters to disseminate their activities. This inspires the student branch chapters to carry out more effective activities. We cover articles on PES distinguished lecture program (DLP) which gives an opportunity to know about various talks offered by PES DLs in various corners of the world. IEEE PES WiP and  IEEE PES YP regularly publish their activities through EnewsUpdate.

Various events under member driven initiatives are also presented in the EnewsUpdate. We are planning to launch soon series of feature articles on PES Award Winners. Updates on PES involved humanitarian activities (like Smart Village) are also presented in EnewsUpdate. Here we also circulate updates and necessary information on IEEE PES events, meetings, conferences, and scholarship programs.

Please feel free to communicate with me regarding publication of PES related activities in EnewsUpdate. The PES EnewsUpdate team is committed to publish effective and impactful news and articles covering various sectors of IEEE PES throughout the year.

Shaikh Fattah, Ph.D.
Editor, IEEE PES EnewsUpdate
Professor, Department of EEE and Director, INPE, BUET