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PES RES: Solar Energy Workshop for School Students in MEXICO

IEEE volunteers from IEEE Puebla Section visited Jaime Torres Bodet School, a public school of government at the primary level on December 14, 2018. The objective of this visit was to disseminate knowledge to school students about the importance of the use of renewable energies in the short and long term. The main theme of the visit was Solar energy. The volunteers talked and taught the students in groups: the first group consisted of students from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade, and the second group accommodated students from 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. The activity had an attendance of 250 students and 10 teachers.

IEEE volunteers at the end of the first workshop

IEEE volunteers at the end of the first workshop

IEEE volunteers worked with an interactive solar panel for children and a book of drawings created by IEEE volunteers from around the world.

In Mexico, solar energy is the most used and the potential of solar energy in Mexico is one of the largest in the world. It is estimated that the country’s gross solar potential is 5 kWh/m2 daily. The photovoltaic solar energy has developed in Mexico at an increasing rate in recent years, counting at the end of 2014 with more than 200 MW installed. Only the “Aura Solar” project, located in La Paz (Baja California Sur), generates 82 GWh per year, enough to supply the consumption of 164,000 inhabitants (65% of the population of La Paz) [1].

Ing. Nallely Hdz giving workshop of PES RES for kids

Ing. Nallely Hdz giving workshop of PES RES for kids

IEEE Puebla Section, Mexico has experienced working with children, with previous events “Compartir es educar”, developer program by the section, winner of prizes within IEEE. But PES RES for kids was the first PES project within this section. Thanks to volunteers like Ing. Nallely Hernandez, ambassador of PES-HAC (humanitarian activity committee) in Mexico and member of IEEE PES. This type of activities can be coordinated in different schools (as well as primary and secondary schools) in Mexico during 2019. Likewise, IEEE Section Puebla, Mexico with the PES-HAC ambassador presented his design for the color book of the project PES RES for kids, adjoining the existing ones.

PES RES for Kids Project


  1. «Photovoltaic in Mexico – Recent Developments and Future» (en inglés). Butecsa. 23 de mayo de 2013. Consultado el 8 de diciembre de 2018.

Nallely Hernandez Sanchez
Ambassador of PES-HAC at IEEE Puebla Section