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Saifur Rahman, President, IEEE PES

Strength in Diversity at PES

Dear IEEE PES members:

Our organization is strong when we all participate. Many of you are likely aware of the wide range of opportunities to serve within our society at various levels, starting from local chapters to conference planning and management to technical committees. These volunteers – of which I am one – are the core of IEEE/PES and play a key role in shaping our industry. As our industry evolves and strives to serve the global population, I would like to see, as the President of IEEE/PES, more gender and ethnic diversity in our technical committees, conferences and on the PES Governing Board.

Even though we have made progress in this regard in the recent years, we have a long way to go. We still have far too little diversity, particularly in terms of gender, on our technical committees, chapter leadership circles and conference management committees. This represents a gap in our ability to integrate all of the engineering and leadership talent in our midst to address the challenging problems, and drive our industry forward. I would like to encourage our female/minority volunteers to engage more actively in PES.

If you or somebody you know who is inclined to participate in PES leadership activities, please feel free to contact one of our vice presidents in the relevant department as listed below, and see how we can all work together to make IEEE/PES as strong as it ought to be.

Of course you can write to me at your convenience.

Best regards,


Saifur Rahman, PhD
President, IEEE Power & Energy Society 2018-2019