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Mon 25

ESSB 2018 Meeting – Piscataway NJ

June 25 - June 29
Piscataway NJ


The IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) Committee will hold their 2018 Spring/Summer General Meeting at IEEE HQ in Piscataway NJ, Monday, June 25-29, 2018.

The meeting will feature a special information and training session by members of IEEE Standards Association (SA) Staff.  Understanding the role of NESCOM and REVCOM, the rationale and process behind creating a standard, best practice or guide all the way through the final balloting process will be discussed.  In addition, a new software tool to aid individual working group officers and participants will be rolled out by Michael Kipness, Standards Association liaison to ESSB and Jim McDowall, ESSB Standards Coordinator.

This will be a unique opportunity for all attendees to visit IEEE HQ and meet individual IEEE PES and SA staff.  ESSB 2018 Meeting – Piscataway NJ meeting event page.

NFPA 855 Draft Out for Public Comment – ESSB Safety Codes and Standards Working Group Meeting

An initial draft of NFPA 855 – Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems is out for public comment right now.  The closing date for public comment is July 12, 2018.  For vendors, installation contractors, other interested parties who are or plan to be engaged in stationary battery and energy storage systems (ESS) should make plans to attend the IEEE ESSB Safety Codes and Standards Working Group meeting on Tuesday, June 26th to help shape an IEEE ESSB collective response to this and other regulatory standards affecting stationary batteries and energy storage systems.  This meeting will be part of the ESSB General Meeting being held at IEEE HQ in Piscataway NJ June 25-29.  See Agenda and Registration links on this page.

IEEE ESSB Committee Officers and Various Members have had a busy First Half in 2018

Several Officers and Members of the IEEE ESSB Committee have represented IEEE, PES and ESSB in several meetings during 1H2018.  Two very successful energy storage tutorials were presented to both the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Washington DC and registrants at the IEEE Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition (IEEE T-D) in Denver CO.  Both meetings were very well attended, reaching over 150 engineers and interested parties.  The tutorial team is working with IEEE PES on conducting a third tutorial presentation to NextEra in the fall.

The ESSB Committee Chair presented IEEE’s role in Safety Codes and Reliability Issues, highlighting the efforts of the ESSB Safety Codes and Standards Working Group at a DOE sponsored symposium in Seattle WA.  The meeting involved presentations from management and supervisory representatives of NFPA, UL, ICC, ASME and others.

The ESSB Committee Chair along with the Chair of the ESSB Safety Codes and Working Group presented at the recent IEEE IAS Reliability and Safety Conference in Ft. Worth.  The presentation centered around issues for new IEEE 1548 standards development as it relates to DC Arc-flash.

IEEE ESSB Chair Awarded Battery Person of the Year at Recent BATTCON 2018 Conference.

Chris Searles, Chair of the IEEE ESSB Committee, was selected by the BATTCON organizing committee as its 2018 Battery Person of the Year.  He will be inducted into the BATTCON Battery Hall of Fame as one of its members.  This is an award and recognition given to one individual each year at the annual BATTCON conference for making a long-term contribution to the enhancement and advancement of the stationary battery industry.  Chris stated that he was humbled as there are many who deserve this recognition but honored to be chosen.

IEEE ESSB Tutorial for FERC and IEEE T&D Conference

The IEEE ESSB Committee conducted an energy storage tutorial for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on January 16 at FERC headquarters in Washington DC.  11 members participated in a full-day session, apprising approximately 40 policy technicians and electrical engineers on both technical and developing analytics of interest to the rule-making group.

The Committee will also be presenting s similar 8-hour tutorial as part of the IEEE sponsored Workshops on Monday, April 16 at the IEEE T&D Conference and Exhibition being held at the Denver Convention Center.  For those interested in attending this tutorial and the IEEE T&D Conference can register at               http://www.ieeet-d.org/IEEE18/public/enter.aspx.

IEEE SCC21/PES/ESSB Energy Storage Task Force (ESTF)

On August 14 the Chair and Vice-Chair of the ESSB Committee along with the Chair of the IEEE PES Wind and Solar Coordinating Committee met in Denver with the Chair of SCC21 and the Chair of the 1547 WG to follow-up on an appointment made by the IEEE PES Technical Council to form a liaison effort with SCC 21.  SCC 21 owns many standards that deal with interconnectivity to the grid, including smart grid and energy storage applications.  The SCC21/PES/ESSB ESTF formed out of that meeting.  The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary for ESSB along with the Chair of the WSCC are the PES members of this task force.

While working on a number of cooperative projects, a new PAR is being opened to address interconnectivity guidelines and best practices for energy storage and the electric grid.  The PAR will reside as a subset of IEEE 1547 (IEEE P1547.9).  Jim McDowall, past chair of the IEEE Stationary Battery Committee and current ESSB Standards Coordinator will be working as a Vice-Chair of this co-sponsored standard, a first for SCC21 and ESSB.

IEEE ESSB Invited to participate in the IAS Reliability and Safety Conference in Ft. Worth, TX

The Chair of the ESSB Safety Codes and Standards Working Group along with the Chair of ESSB plan to give a presentation on ESSB safety codes efforts along with a presentation on the issues surrounding dc arc-flash.  The IAS 1548 WG is considering how best to address this issue within the context of their best practice.  IEEE 1548 plays a significant influence role within NFPA 70E.  Bill Cantor (ESSB Safety Codes and Standards WG Chair) is the SCC 18 representative for NFPA 70B and NFPA 855.

IEEE ESSB Invited to present at the upcoming DOE Safety and Reliability Conference in Seattle WA

The ESSB Committee Chair will be one of several contributors to present IEEE’s efforts to coordinate with the DOE Strategic Safety Standards Roadmap, a monthly publication provided by the PNNL and Sandia Laboratory, at the upcoming meeting of the DOE Safety and Reliability Forum at the Edgewater Hotel, Seattle WA.  Interested parties can view the agenda and program at https://events.pnnl.gov/Default.aspx?topic=Energy%20Storage%20Systems%20Safety%20and%20Reliability%20Forum%202018.