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CIGRE Survey on Mobile Device Usage for Substation Servicing and Supervision

Please consider assisting our CIGRE colleagues by participating in a survey on Substation servicing and supervision using mobile devices and smart sensing.

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The use of mobile devices, internet technologies and inter-connected smart sensor systems in industrial and home activities are progressing at very fast pace. These systems are already affecting our personal lives and will impact substation whole-of-life supervision and on-site servicing activities too. The expected changes may come from providing on demand additional enriched, context aware, real time information, to the mobile user, offering new distributed data collection, processing and analysis means, but also from changing the way human inspector/service personnel interact with substation installations/equipment.

Interconnected smart sensors and mobile devices are expected to actively contribute to better substation supervision adding value for utilities, and will become integrated part of our power industry and substation life supervision, servicing and management approaches.


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