System Economics Subcommittee

The System Economics Subcommittee (SES) is a part of the Power Systems Analysis, Computing, and Economics (PSACE) Committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society.  The scope of the Subcommittee is to:

Investigate and study all phases of engineering economics as it affects the planning, design, and operations of power systems, pricing of services, and design and monitoring of electricity markets.  Develop methods for the economic evaluation of generation, transmission, and distribution facilities, including the determination of optimum overall capital and operating costs and strategies for hedging risks.  Determine incremental costs of providing power generation, transmission, distribution and delivery services and methods of price determination.  Analyze all aspects of electricity markets, including congestion management and pricing, market power, incentives for operational and planning decisions, and effects of alternative market structures.  Promote understanding of sound economics amongst engineers and promote sound engineering principles in the design of electricity markets.

The Committee’s intent is to focus on the following topics.


  • Analysis of electricity markets,
  • Investments in power systems,
  • Economics of generation, transmission, distribution systems, and demand,
  • Economics of system operations,
  • Financial risk management,
  • Market design,
  • Economics of emerging technologies.