IEEE Phoenix EMC Society Chapter Sponsorship Programs


The IEEE Phoenix EMC Society Phoenix Chapter appreciates its sponsors for their generous financial support that help make our chapter’s programs available to the professionals in the industry and the general public.  With your help, we provide Phoenix-area EMC professionals and students a chance to learn from industry experts, network with EMC professionals and suppliers, and provide a conduit to the well-established resources of the international Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).


Our chapter offers Institutional Listings that allow sponsors to place their logos with links to their company pages on the Chapter’s website, as well as publicly displaying their company logos at all IEEE EMC Phoenix events.


The institutional listing sponsorship program subscription is valid annually for 12 calendar months. The chapter welcomes any companies and individuals to take advantage of this program for publicity of their products and/or services. While posting cannot constitute the IEEE Phoenix chapter’s endorsement of the sponsors products and/or services, we publicly thank our valuable sponsors at each chapter event.


Our chapter also offers a Meeting Expense sponsorship program.  In this program, companies or individuals are eligible to talk about their products and/or services for approximately 5 minutes at the beginning of a meeting for the price of the food served at the meeting.  They may pass out business cards, brochures or other marketing material and display products and/or advertisements on a designated table located in the meeting room.


The Institutional Listing program is available for $500.00 per calendar year.


The Meeting Expense program is the actual cost of the dinner served at the meeting.  Our mailing list presently contains well over 250 members, and we usually have 40-50 attendees at each meeting.


These sponsorships are excellent opportunities to offer your products and services to an extremely targeted audience of Phoenix-area EMC professionals.


For more information regarding the IEEE Phoenix Chapter’s Institutional Listing or Meeting Expense program, please contact the Chapter Chair (Glen Gassaway) or MARCOM Vice Chair (Brett Gassaway).