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NEW DEADLINE Oct 1st: IEEE Phoenix Section Officer Nominations

The IEEE Phoenix Section is seeking nominations for the following elected Section officer positions for the 2014 term:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Additionally, the Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for some of the following non-elected appointed standing committee Chair positions for the 2014 term:

  • Publicity
  • Membership
  • Student Activities
  • Conferences
  • Awards
  • Inter-Society
  • PACE (Professional Activities Committees for Engineers)
  • TISP (Teacher In-Service Program)
  • Web Master

Section officers must be IEEE members. Self-nominations are acceptable.

Please send nominations or any questions to Ralph Hogan @

Section members are urged to submit your nominations by no later than October 1, 2013.


Ralph Hogan

Chair, Nominating Committee,

Section Officer Job Descriptions

Section Chair

The Section Chair shall serve as Chair for all meetings of the Section, the Section Committee and the Section ExCom where such ExCom exists.


  • Preside at meetings of the Section Executive Committee
  • Represent the Section at IEEE gatherings
  • Represent the Section at Regional Committee Meetings and vote on issues on the basis of the best interest of IEEE

Vice Chair

The Section Vice Chair shall assist the Chair in the coordination of all Section activities. At the request of the Section Chair or in the absence of the Section Chair, the Section Vice Chair shall chair meetings of the Section, Section Committee or Section ExCom.


The duties of the Section Secretary shall include correspondence, the keeping of the minutes of the Committee meetings, mailing notices, and submission of meeting and officer reports to the Member and Geographic Activities Department at the end of each year and such other duties as are assigned to him/her by the Chair.


The duties of the Section Treasurer shall include the development of a Section budget for approval by the Section, accounting of all Section funds, keeping financial records, and submitting the Financial Operations Report of the Section to the IEEE Staff Director, Financial Services.


  • Publish and distribute monthly section newsletter
  • Maintain section email lists
  • Support chapter publicity submissions to the the IEEE E-Notice system

Membership Chair

  • Monitoring a current record of membership.
  • Analyzing membership trends.
  • Ensure adequate supplies of membership development materials available for distribution (chapter meetings, conferences, job fairs, etc.).
  • Coordinating membership exhibits for local meetings and conferences, soliciting materials for exhibits, indentifying volunteers to staff booth.

Student Activities Chair

  • Coordinate and support student chapters by working with the student chapter representatives and their faculty advisers.
  • Organize the annual student paper competition
  • Organize the annual student scholarship awards program

Conferences Chair

  • Support and act as liaison between the section and locally held IEEE affiliated conferences
  • Maintain calendar of IEEE related conference events on the section website calendar

Awards Chair

  • Plan, coordinate, and organize the annual awards banquet

Inter-Society Chair

  • Coordinate and act as liaison between section and other engineering or relevant organizational entities

PACE (Professional Activities Committees for Engineers) Chair

  • Coordinate and support professional and career developmental activities

TISP (Teacher In-Service Program) Chair

  • Coordinate the local TISP program

Web Master Chair

  • Maintain and update the Section website as needed




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