IEEE Poland AP/AE/MTT Jt. Chapter


Chapter History



Polish Joint Chapter AP/MTT/AES Historical Sketch


Chapter beginning

In 1990, September 24th on initiative of dr. Zbigniew Czyż and dr. Andrzej Jeleński, Joint Chapter AP (Antenna and Propagation Society) / MTT (Microwave Theory and Techniques Society) / AES (Aerospace and Electronic System Society), has been established. It was the first chapter in IEEE Polish Section. First elected chairman was Zbigniew Czyż. First full line-up management committee consisted of the following members:

  • Józef Modelski – Chairman
  • Edward Sedek – Vice Chairman
  • Bogusław Smólski – Vice Chairman
  • Zbigniew  Czyż – Vice Chairman
  • Jerzy Piotrowski – Secretary / Treasurer

One of the main goal of the Chapter was to promote a harmonious interaction between the Academy and the Industry in this part of the world by promoting the IEEE professional membership and participating in academic and industrial events. Additionally the objective of the Joint Chapter was to link different resources from the domestic industry companies and academic institutes, to enhance the professional technique exchange and corporation, and to strengthen the interpersonal and public relationship.

Since 1991, subsequently to Joint Chapter establishment, Environmental Microwave Seminars in Warsaw, once a month with the participation of PW (Warsaw University of Technology), WAT (Military University of Technology in Warsaw), PIT (National Telecommunications Institute), ITE (Institute of Electron Technology), IMTE (Institute of Electronic Materials Technology), IPPT PAN (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences) are organized. Annually about 9-10 seminars were held. Unfortunately, discontinued in 1997.


MIKON Conference

To share a knowledge between international community of microwave scientists and engineers from industry the common meetings were necessary. For this purpose national microwave conference MIKON was transformed to the international conference. First international MIKON was held in 1994 in Książ, Poland. Subsequently in 1996 MIKON was transformed to International Microwave and Radar Conference.

Since 1994, MIKON has two main partners: Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) and IEEE. Since then MIKON is organized regularly every two years in the late spring (May/June). Since 2004 MIKON runs in the framework with Microwave and Radar Week gathering microwave scientists during three thematic conferences:


  • MIKON  International Conference on Microwaves, Radar, and Wireless Communications,
  • IRS International Radar Symposium,
  • MIDEX International Conference “Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems.


Table. Places where MIKON conference was held.

Year City and country where MIKON conference was held
1994 Książ, Poland
1996 Warsaw, Poland
1998 Cracow, Poland
2000 Wroclaw, Poland
2002 Gdansk, Poland
2004 Warsaw, Poland
2006 Cracow, Poland
2008 Wroclaw, Poland
2010 Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 Warsaw, Poland
2014 Gdansk, Poland*
2016 Cracow, Poland
2018 Poznan, Poland

*Initially conference was planned to be held in Lviv, Ukraine.


One of the most important events related to MIKON was establishment of a national competition for the best thesis in the field of microwave, antenna and radiolocation technique. This competition is executing in 2-year cycle. The results of competition are announced during MIKON conference.

In 2010 MIKON for the first time MIKON goes outside Poland to Vilnius in Lithuania. In 2014 MIKON is for the second time organized outside Poland in Lviv, Ukraine.


In 1993 the Chapter started “The Joint IEEE MTT/ED Initiative for Aiding Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (EE / FSU)”. All chapters of the MTT and related to them, which originated in the countries of the Former Soviet Union until 2003, were the result of this initiative. The summary of the initiative is included in the document written by Prof. Modelski “Summary of the Joint MTT/ED Initiative for Aiding Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (1993-2002)”. Thanks to the inclusion of Polish Chapter in this initiative, the Chapters in Lithuania and Belarus were affiliated to the Polish Section (until creation of their own Sections). On the basis of this initiative, an extensive cooperation between the Polish Section and our colleagues from the eastern and Baltic countries was developed.


Table. List of chapters created as a influence of “The Joint IEEE MTT/ED Initiative for Aiding Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union”.

Country Sections
Belarus MTT/ED
Croatia MTT
Czechoslovakia MTT/AP/ED/EMC
Lithuania MTT/ED/AP
Romania MTT
Russia (Northwest) Section, National   Research Institute of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics MTT-SBC
Russia (Northwest) Section, Saint   Petersburg MTT/AP/ED
Russia (Siberia) Section,   Novosibirsk MTT/ED/COM/CPMT/SSC
Russia (Siberia) Section, Tomsk MTT/AP/ED/COM/EMC
Russia Section, Moscow MTT/ED
Russia Section, Nizhny-Novgorad MTT/AP/ED/CPMT/SCC
Russia Section, Saratov-Penza MTT/AP/ED/CPMT/NPS
Serbia and Montenegro MTT
Ukraine Section, Central, Kiev MTT/ED/CPMT/COM/SSC
Ukraine Section, East, IRE Kharkov MTT-SBC
Ukraine Section, East MTT/AP/NPS/AES/ED/GRS
Ukraine Section, Rep. of Georgia MTT/ED/AP
Ukraine Section, Vinnitsya MTT/C/CAS/IM
Ukraine Section, West MTT/AP/ED/CPMT/SSC

Chapter has focused as well on organizing Regional Seminars of Microwave Section, Radiolocation Section KEiT PAN within IEEE Poland Section. In 2003 following seminaries were held:

  • Wroclaw Regional Seminary on „Antenna, Microwaves & Wireless Communications” – Chair Wojciech Krzysztofik,
  • Gdansk Regional Seminary “ Microwave & Antenna Technology” – Chair  Wlodzimierz Zieniutycz,
  • Warsaw Regional Seminary “Microwave & Radar” – Chair M. Wnuk


So far Polish Joint Chapter had 14th terms and 15th is currently running. Below in the table there is a list of all chairmen of Chapter in years 1991-2014.


Table. Chapter chairmen of 15 terms in years 1991-2016





1, 2


Prof. Józef Modelski

Warsaw Technical   University


1995 – 1996

Prof. Wojciech Gwarek

Warsaw Technical   University



Dr Edward Sędek

National Research Institute, PIT, Warsaw

5, 6


Dr Jerzy Piotrowski

Warsaw Technical   University

7, 8


Prof. Michał Mrozowski

Gdansk Technical   University

9, 10


Dr Wojciech J.   Krzysztofik

Wroclaw Technical   University



Dr Jerzy Piotrowski

Warsaw Technical University

12, 13, 14, 15


Prof. Wojciech J.   Krzysztofik

Wroclaw Technical University


Since its beginning the Chapter is still strengthening the position in IEEEE community. Proceedings of conferences organized under Chapter leading are placed in IEEE Xplore databases. Logo of IEEE is always included on conference materials. Our management committee members and regular members play important roles in organizing committees of most important IEEE conferences. Five Chapter members obtained IEEE Fellow distinction:

  • Prof. Wojciech Gwarek (2001),
  • Prof. Józef Modelski (2001),
  • Janusz Dobrowolski (2005),
  • Prof. Michał Mrozowski (2007),
  • Prof. Jerzy Krupka (2012)

Prof. Józef Modelski served and still serves in international administration of IEEE. Among many important positions some of them should be highlighted:

  • 2008, President of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S),
  • 2009 – 2010, Director of IEEE Region 8 and 2012 Director Elect of IEEE Division IV,
  • 2012 –  IEEE Division IV Director.

In 2013 he was awarded by MTT Society “2013 Distinguished Service Award”.

Prof. Wojciech Gwarek in years 2005-2007 served as MTT-S Distinguish Lecturer. In 2011, he was awarded “IEEE MTT-S Pioneer Award”,

First web page of the Chapter was created by Prof. Michał Mrozowski in 2004 on the server of Gdansk University of Technology. In 2007 web page was moved to Wroclaw University of Technology server. Subsequently in 2011 web page was moved to the server of Warsaw University of Technology. Since 2012 Chapter web page is installed on IEEE server. In 2013 web page was renewed and can be found under this link


Polish Joint Chapter AP/MTT/AES Summary


Table. Chapter members and their affiliation. State in year 2013.

Type of members AES AP MTT
Affiliate 1
Fellow 2 3
Graduate Student 3 5 4
Life Fellow 1
Life Senior 1
Member 10 18 27
Senior Member 7 9 11
Student Member 2 1 5
Total 23 35 52

The sum of Chapter members: 110

Figure. Distribution of Chapter Members in Sections.



Figure. Chapter Members vs. their affiliation.




Polish Joint Chapter AP/MTT/AES Awards

From the very beginning of establishing the Chapter was many times awarded. There are below most important awards we got and we are proud of.

  • 1992-1993, For AESS, Outstanding International Chapter of the Year,



  • 1995-1996, For AESS, Outstanding International Chapter of the Year,



  • 2005, For AESS, AP/ MTT/ AES, Chapter of the Year,



  • 2005, For AESS, AESS Chapter, Outstanding Chapter of Region 8 for activities in the year 2005,



  • 2010, For AESS, AP/ MTT/ AES, Region 8 Chapter of the Year.



  • 2014, For AESS, AP/ MTT/ AES, Region 8 Chapter of the Year.

 Region 8 Chapter of the Year 2014


  • 2015, MTT-S Outstanding Chapter Award.


  • 2016,Best Chapter Award.