Seasonal Schools in Signal Processing Summer 2019 proposals being accepted now!

Are you looking to energize signal processing students, early stage researchers, and industry practitioners in your area? Consider hosting a Seasonal School for young engineers near you! Seasonal Schools are interactive events designed to provide attendees with specialized background in select signal processing topics. Professors and established practitioners work closely with attendees in hands-on tutorials… Read more

Invitation to the seminar “Exploring the dynamic universe with radio astronomy – Beamforming, Transients, SETI, and the Allen Telescope Array”

We invite all researchers to join us for the next seminar “Exploring the dynamic universe with radio astronomy – Beamforming, Transients, SETI, and the Allen Telescope Array” under the auspices Poland Chapter of IEEE Signal Processing. The seminar will take place on the 26th of the October, at Warsaw University of Technology. More information you… Read more

Special Issue on Index Modulation for Future Wireless Networks: A Signal Processing Perspective

Unprecedented levels of spectral and energy efficiency are expected from next-generation wireless networks to achieve ubiquitous communications between anybody, anything, and anytime. In order to reach the challenging objectives of next-generation wireless networks, the researchers have envisioned novel physical layer (PHY) concepts such as massive multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO) systems and non-orthogonal multi-carrier communications. However, wireless… Read more

Signal Processing Symposium 2019 – SPSympo 2019

Welcome Message from the Chairman of SPSympo-2019 The main goal of that symposium is to provide a forum for students, researchers and scientists to present their latest findings, new trends in science and technology, and to exchange ideas during technical and evening sessions. This year we turn our attention particularly to the space technologies as a domain of the… Read more

Call for Special Sessions: 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging

We are seeking proposals for special sessions at the 2019 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), which will be held in Venice, Italy, April 8–11, 2019. Special sessions concentrate on critical and emerging topics in biomedical imaging. We are particularly interested in topics that either: 1. Give an overview on a focused topic of current interest… Read more

CALL FOR PAPERS: IEEE J-STSP Special Issue on Acoustic Source Localization and Tracking in Dynamic Real-life Scenes

Summary: Acoustic source localization is a well-studied topic in signal processing, but most traditional methods incorporate simplifying assumptions such as a point source, free-field propagation of the sound wave, static acoustic sources, time-invariant sensor constellations, and simple noise fields. However, these assumptions may be seriously violated in a range of emerging applications, such as audio recording… Read more

Call for Papers: IEEE SPM Special Issue on Advances in Radar Systems for Modern Civilian and Commercial Applications

The Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging) was developed during WWII for defense and security applications. Since then, radar use has been progressively widened to numerous civilian applications including airport and harbor traffic control, remote sensing of the Earth, wave forecasting and marine climatology, high precision detection of small surface movements, biomass and deforestation measuring, volcano… Read more

Announcing IEEE Radar Conference 2019

About the Conference A new radar revolution is underway, one made possible by the rapid evolution of digital electronics, and powered by new innovative architectures, advanced components, novel waveforms and sophisticated processing techniques. Please join us in historic Boston as we continue this new revolution in radar technology.   The beautiful Westin Waterfront hotel, located in… Read more

Zaproszenie na IEEE Young Professionals Meet-Up – 16 maja 2018 (PL)

W imieniu Zarządu Young Professionals Polskiej Sekcji IEEE  serdecznie zapraszamy na międzynarodowe wydarzenie pt.” IEEE Young Professionals Meet-Up @ MIKON’18”, które odbędzie się w dniu 16 maja 2018 roku, w godz. 18:00  – 21:00,  w nowoczesnym Centrum Kongresowym w Poznaniu ( ). Wydarzenie to jest organizowane już po raz drugi w Polsce – w tym… Read more