Product Safety Compliance

ISPCE 2017

Created with the mission of providing a forum for product safety design engineers to discuss forward-thinking technology trends and technical developments, the ISPCE IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering will include some 70 topics by colleagues and subject matter experts from across the country and around the globe.

Can it Be Made?

You Designed a Good Product—Can It Be Made?

For every product that engineers create, there are two creative forging processes. The first is the leap of creativity and imagination that generates the idea for the product itself. Perhaps the product springs from a genuine gap and need—the “mother of invention” moment—or perhaps the product is a leap forward in innovation from some imperfect version already on the market.

Watch Your Step: An Acronym Minefield

Watch Your Step: An Acronym Minefield

Manufacturing and consumption drive the global economy. Yet, with billions of products on the market, how can consumers have confidence in the safety of the products they purchase?

Laws here and abroad mandate product safety compliance testing for a wide range of consumer products. To comply, manufacturers and importers must certify products with a written or electronic compliance certificate. Certifications must accompany the product. Often a copy must be provided to retailers, product distributors, the government, and (occasionally) to the end consumer.