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IEEE Region 1 is the home to the IEEE organizational units in the north-eastern part of the U.S.A., in particular, it comprises the following IEEE sections:

Section Established Area Chair Website(s)
Berkshire Mar. 25, 1904 Central James McVeigh [EWH]
Binghamton Mar. 7, 1952 Western Daniel Sniezek [WB]
Boston Feb. 13, 1903 Northeastern Susan Murphy [WWW]
Buffalo Feb. 10, 1925 Western Greg Koch [EWH]
Connecticut Apr. 16, 1921 Southern Gary Felberbaum [WWW]
Green Mountain Apr. 1, 1960 Central Jason Bates [WP]
Ithaca Oct. 15, 1902 Western Peter Doerschuck None
Long Island May 6, 1952 Southern John Schmidt [WWW]
Maine June 30, 1955 Northeastern Richard Wilkins [EWH]
Mid-Hudson June 1, 1960 Central Brett Arteta WP]
Mohawk Valley Nov. 11, 1953 Central S. Gunasekaran [WB]
New Hampshire Mar. 19, 1953 Northeastern James Henderson [WWW]
New Jersey Coast Mar. 30, 1965 Southern Ralph Wyndrum [WP]
New York Dec. 10, 1919 Southern Neil Weisenfeld [EWH]
North Jersey May 5, 1954 Southern Adriaan J. van Wijngaarden [WP]
Princeton/Central Jersey July 1, 1947 Southern Habib Ahson [EWH]
Providence Mar. 12, 1920 Northeastern Cathy Ann Clark [EWH]
Rochester Oct. 9, 1914 Western Greg Gdowsky [WWW]
Schenectady Jan. 26, 1903 Central Chandra Reis [WP]
Springfield June 29, 1922 Central Dan Williams [WB]
Syracuse Aug. 13, 1920 Western Serhand Arvas [WP]
Worcester County Feb. 18, 1920 Northeastern C. Vernon Gaw [WWW]