Ad Hoc Committees

Pre-University Activities Chair
North Jersey Section Chair and R1 Empl. & Career Act. Chair

Adriaan J. van Wijngaarden is a research scientist at Bell Laboratories, Nokia, in Murray Hill, NJ. He currently chairs the IEEE North Jersey Section. He also serves as IEEE Region 1 Employment and Career Activities Chair.

Regione Newsletter Editor
Past Director, Budget Committee Chair, Nominations & Appointments Committee Chair
Student Activities, Conference Coordinator
Rochester Chair and R1 Webmaster
METSAC, Bylaws, Operations & Leadership Training, Admissions & Advancement
Chapters Coordinator
Educational Activities
Government Activities
Historian & Milestone Coordinator
Industrial Relations Liaison
Life Member
Vitality Coordinator
Public Visibility Rep


 Committee Appointments and Terms of Office

The Region Director shall designate such Ad Hoc Committees as deemed necessary for the management of Region 1. Any such Committees appointed by the Region Director shall be represented on the BoG by its Chair, who shall be non-voting.

The Director may appoint members of such Committees from the active membership of Region 1. The term of office of Ad Hoc Committee members, as well as the term of existence of the Committee itself, shall be at the Region Director’s discretion. In no event shall an Ad Hoc Committee remain in existence beyond the term of office of the appointing Region Director.

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