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IEEE Region 1 Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD)


GOLD is a membership program to help students transition to young professionals within the larger IEEE community.

GOLD Vision:  IEEE GOLD is a global community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative young professionals engaged for the benefit of humanity.

GOLD Mission:  To inspire, energize, empower, and engage young professionals to envision and realize their dreams.

To learn more about GOLD, please visit the IEEE GOLD website.

R1 GOLD Committee

Region 1 GOLD Coordinator:  Brian Roberts
Past Region 1 Coordinator:  Uri Moszkowicz
Northern Area Coordinator:  Rob Vice
Southern Area Coordinator:  Visan Koshy Varghese
Central Area Coordinator:  Aisha Yousuf
Western Area Coordinator:  Vacant (Contact Region Coordinator)

The region is always looking for volunteers at all levels so if interested contact this person for more information.

GOLD Affinity Group Action Plan Template



Past Events

  • 2011 R1 Student Conference
  • 2010 R1 White Water Rafting
  • 2009 Humanitarian Workshop
  • 2010 R1 White Water Rafting
  • 2008 Humanitarian Workshop
  • 2008 Region 1 GOLD Conference
  • 2007 Region 1 GOLD Conference