R1 Highlights

2017 IEEE Region 1 Major Awards Released!

29 R1 Members were elevated as IEEE Fellows in 2017!

Rochester Section reaches its 2016 Retention and Recruitment goals!

North Jersey, Binghamton, Connecticut, and New York Sections reach yearly Recruitment Goals!

39 R1 Members were elevated as IEEE Fellows in 2016!

R1 Life Fellow George Rockefeller to receive the 2017 Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award

R1 Fellow Deborah Estrin to receive the 2017 IEEE Internet Award

R1 Fellow Gary Patton to receive the 2017 IEEE Frederik Philips Award

R1 Senior Member Emilio Frazzoli to receive the 2017 IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award

R1 Fellow Stephen Grossberg to receive the 2017 IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award

VR Helps Treat Poor Vision -- North Jersey Section Student Chapter makes headlines!

R1 Members Noubar Afeyan and Duane Boning make headlines!

Mohawk Valley Section is the first in R1 to reach their retention goal!

R1 announces 19 Sectional and Individual Professional Awards!

Boston, New Jersey Coast, North Jersey, and New York Sections celebrate 5 historic milestones!

Mid-Hudson, Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo Sections reach their recruitment goals for 2016!

R1 Life Fellow Stephen Weinstein receives the 2016 IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award

R1 members Arthur Winston, Greg Gdowski, and Robert Adelson receive 2015 IEEE-USA's Professionalism Awards

R1 Fellow Moshe Kam receives the 2016 IEEE Haraden Pratt Award

R1 Life Fellow G. David Forney, Jr. receives the 2016 IEEE Medal of Honor

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