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  The Threat to the United States Critical Infrastructure from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

November 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Co-sponsored by: IM09

You are invited to a meeting of the IEEE North Jersey Section EMC/PSE and IM:


The Threat to the United States Critical Infrastructure from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

Monday, November 6, 2017 at PSE&G – 4000 Hadley Road, South Plainfield, NJ  07080-1192



Who’s afraid of the big bad pulse? This question will opened the IEEE conference Monday, November 6th. Terry Murch of Technical Sales Solutions, LLC (TSS) will lead-off the session panel, which included EMP/HEMP/IEMI experts Paul Currie (MPE-USA), Bruce Benwell (Directed Energy Technologies), and Randy White (Jaxon Engineering and Maintenance). Their presentation, “The Threat to the United States Critical Infrastructure from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)”, will provide an overview of EMP/HEMP and IEMI as very real threat, placing an emphasis on practical, scalable solutions to defend against potential attacks

Hollywood has featured exaggerated EMP/HEMP and IEMI attacks in more than one blockbuster film, but that doesn’t make them any less of a danger in reality. All it takes is one civilian or group with nefarious intentions and/or something to prove to obtain a magnetron and turn it into a Directed Energy (DE) device capable of causing significant disruption to local energy operations. A homemade DE device of sufficient power can freeze security systems, destroy equipment, and cause widespread outages and blackouts. The importance of hardening installations before “BOOM” cannot be overstated enough, since, in the case of a large-scale, high-power attack, “too late really is too late.”

EMP/HEMP/IEMI protection is available and scalable. Mil-Std-188-125 compliant installations offer the highest level of protection and are appropriate for some mission critical assets. However, hardening a facility to this extent requires a large budget, and can run into the millions of dollars. A more cost-effective solution for critical infrastructure, like power stations, utilizes a combination of smaller filters along with new and existing architecture of the facility to create a hardening scheme at significantly less money that attenuates pulses up to required level. For facilities with severe budgetary constraints that have few or no critical assets, hardening solutions that can be scaled down to become even more cost-effective and offer attenuation that is sufficient to protect their operations.      


Terry Murch: President of Technical Sales Solutions, LLC (TSS)

  • 40 Years working in the U.S. commercial electronics and defense industries
  • 26 Years in the EMC/EMP/iemi industry.

Randy White: Employed in the nuclear hardening arena for over 40 years. 

We created our Woman-owned, small business  back in 2009 just to solve problems like this.

  • Our Technical Specialty is essentially “all things nuclear HEMP” – Design, Development Test, Evaluation and Maintenance of [often classified] military, government and commercial clients.
  • In our first year we were nominated for COS Company of the Year, and Recipient of the “Award of Excellence in Industry” – Category of Government Security and Technology.
  • In our 3rd year we were nominated for the Pentagon’s Outstanding Nuclear Command, Control & Communications ‘Program of the Year’ for HEMP hardening work at a USAF site in England.

Bruce T. Benwell: President & Founder: Directed Energy Technologies, Inc.

Senior Electrical Engineer, Major Technology Areas, HEMP Vulnerability testing on Army systems,

Sensors and simulators, Facility protection, Pulsed Power, HV modulators and PFNs, HV switching

Paul Currie: Director of Marketing/Sales for MPE Limited.

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•        30 years experience servicing the defense industry

When:                9:00 AM — Refreshments & Program                    

                              2:00 pm — Program Ends

Where:              PSE&G’s Hadley Road Facility

                              4000 Hadley Road

                              South Plainfield, NJ  07080-1192


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Chapter Chair: Russell C. Pepe, RCDD

rcpepe@ieee.org  or (201) 960-6796

IEEE Continuing Education Units will be available for a nominal ee.









Speaker(s): Tery Murch,

Bldg: PSE&G’s Hadley Road Facility
4000 Hadley Road
South Plainfield, New Jersey


November 6, 2017
9:00 am - 2:00 pm



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