Attached are details on the Micromouse Competition. Please contact Soon Wan at gimsoon@ieee.org with any questions about the contest.


2015 R1 Micromouse Guideline

2015 Region 1 Micromouse




1st Place (Run time to Goal = 14.97sec)

Mercury Micromouse

University of Massachusetts Amherst

–                      Justin Marple (Team Leader)

–                      Rohan Kapoor

–                      Aaron Lucia

2nd Place

(Run time to Goal = 48.76sec)

MegaMouse Micromouse

University of Buffalo

–                      Kyle Thompson (Team Leader)

–                      Mack Ward

–                      Joe Materski

–                      Jimmy Mazur

–                      Tomasz Pietruszka


3rd Place (1st Closest to the Goal)

Chester Micromouse

University of Buffalo

–                      Mike Szymkowski (Team Leader)

–                      Matt Spitzer

–                      Maxim Solomonyuk

–                      Nazia Hasan

–                      Carly Schulz

–                      Kevin McMahon


4th Place (2nd Closest to the Goal)

Suffolk University

–                      Frank Calderon (Team Leader)

–                      Michael Wall

5th Place (3rd Closest to the Goal)

Squeak Micromouse

Roger Williams University

–                      Ethan Daniels (Team Leader)

–                      Taylor Winnick, Nicole Marmo

–                      Nicholas Benoti, Kyle Lourens

–                      Kristi Perreault, Aidan Bradley

–                      Kelsey Cintorino

Funny Award

Grody Micromouse

Monmouth University

–                      James Blessing (Team Leader)

–                      Abdul Muhsin Al-Kandari

–                      Nico Flora

–                      Alex Kristensen

–                      Veronica Granite