Awards schedule and information

Here are the dates for the first part of the nominations and voting process (Section and Area):

5/13/2016       Nominations are due to be submitted to the Sections

5/31/2016       Section Awards Chair and committee pick and announce their winners and send the nomination files to their Area Awards Chair

6/2/2016         Area ballots sent to Section Award Chairs for Area voting

6/16/2016       Area voting concludes – due date for ballots returned to each Area Awards Chair

6/19/2016       Area winners notified and publicly announced by each Area Awards Chair

The awards categories are:

IEEE / MGA Rules

  • Award nominations must be made by an active IEEE member registered in your Section. You may not nominate yourself.
  • You may not nominate an Awards Chair. You may not nominate a Section Chair if they are acting as the Awards Chair.
  • The nominees must be within your own Section. Except for the Outstanding Educator, they must be current IEEE members.


Randy Wolff,
Region 6 NE Area Awards Chair

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